Series title
"ACUTE and ReAct"
Uploaded August 21, 2009
Singer(s): KAITO, Hatsune Miku, and Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin, and Kagamine Len
Kurousa-P (music, lyrics)
Ichiyou Moka (illust)


ACUTE and its sequel ReACT, talk about a series of love triangles that involve the five protagonists.



Uploaded Aug.21.2009 Featuring KAITO, Hatsune Miku, and Megurine Luka
Music Kurousa-P Main article ACUTE
Lyrics Kurousa-P
Video Ichiyou Moka
This song has reached over 1,000,000 views. The song talks about a love triangle between KAITO, Miku & Luka. The two girls fell in love with KAITO, but they both made a promise to not confess to him. However, Luka and KAITO got closer and into a realationship, behind Miku's back. Miku later found out about it by coincidence, being afraid that she will be left behind, and feeling betrayed, she went to KAITO's home and confessed her feeling about the situation, telling him that she is afraid that she will be left alone and that she at least wants KAITO to hold her the way he hold Luka, KAITO felt sorry for her and did as she wished for that night.

After the events that occured last night, Miku felt that KAITO truly loves Miku, and that Luka had brainwashed him so that he will love her, and not Miku. Miku wanting to "fix" everything, and let to KAITO be free, she decided that she will pretend to be in an engagement with KAITO, without his knowledge.

The couple (Luka and KAITO) noticed that Miku's behaivor had change and that she acted weird, besides the fact that she remembered events that never happened, like KAITO getting her an engagement ring, one of the weird changes in her behaivor was that she didn't seem to care about cute things, like she used to, but instead liked and felt save when near knifes.

KAITO, felling guilty about the situation, called Luka to his house and told her that he embraced Miku, Luka acted shocked but understanded that KAITO wasn't the one to balme, but still felt guilty for making Miku like this. Right after that, Miku called Luka to find out where she was, Luka knowing Miku's situation was hesitant to anwser, but, Miku told her that she shouldn't act like that in front of KAITO because she could worry him, and then asked her why are they together without her, Luka started feeling even more guilty and started crying but KAITO hugged, causing her to drop her phone, and told her that it's him to blame for Miku's behaivor, not her.

The couple eventually decided that they should both help Miku turn back to who she once was. Miku feeling betrayed, grabbed a knife and when to KAITO's house, where Luka was, and tried to tell Luka that if she continues to mess with her fiancee everyone would hate her and that Miku, herself, would have to take some actions. KAITO tried to tell Miku that it's him to blame, that depite the fact that he knew he shouldn't have chosen either he needed Luka to be beside him and that all of Miku's hatred should be directed at him. Miku then went crazy and pulled out her knife so that she can punish Luka for making things like this, by stabing her, but instead, KAITO, who recalled his father who stabbed his family to death because his business failed, with KAITO being the only one to survive, took the blow, with his last words being "I love you.", which were, also, his fathers last words.

Miku upon realizing what she did stated that she is going take everything Luka loves and stabbed herself. Luka panicking and being afraid that she will lose both called an ambulance, saving them from death.

After Miku woke up in the hospital, both girls apologised, with KAITO, in wheeling chair, outside of the room, wishing for both of them to be happy together.


Uploaded Apr.04.2011 Featuring Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, and Kagamine Len
Music Kurousa-P Main article ReAct
Lyrics Kurousa-P
Video Ichiyou Moka
The song starts with the ACUTE's melody in piano along some scenes of the previous PV. The songs starts, showing Miku in a hospital. She survived her attempt of suicide and is in recovery after the incident. There she meets Len. Len attempts to help her, but to no avail. Miku is already aware of the relationship between Rin and Len and does not wish for history to repeat itself. Her memories of ACUTE haunt her and she is still wearing the ring that KAITO gave her. Rin, at first, believed that eventually the situation would be resolved quickly. However, the more Len's involvement of trying to help Miku lingers, the more Rin becomes impatient and jealous.

Miku is incapable of freeing herself from the past as she still has an attachment to Luka and she is still in love with KAITO (wearing her engagement ring as proof). She does not know how to smile anymore and she does not accept Len's help because she does not want any more people involved. On the other hand Rin is about to repeat the same mistake that Miku made in ACUTE in order to get Len to notice her, suicide. In a final confrontation between Len and Miku on the hospital's roof, Miku glimpses Rin approaching with a knife in her hands, confirming her suspicions. Seeing that the story is repeating again Miku finally reveals what happened in ACUTE. She tells Rin not to make the same mistake she did. Then Rin hugs Miku crying, and Miku for the first time smiles in the whole PV. Finally the PV's end shows KAITO in a wheelchair along with Luka, confirming that he was attacked by Miku and survived too, but because of being traumatized for so long, Miku now believes that she has nowhere to go, and she can never love anyone again. Also, the PV shows Rin and Len together in the end as well leaving ReAct in a seemingly "happy ending."


Both ACUTE and ReAct are featured in the EXIT TUNES compilation album Vocalocluster.

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A novel based on Acute was released on July 26, 2014 and ReAct on November 27, 2014 from PHP Institute, Inc.


The series, particularly the song ACUTE, was featured in the videogame -Project DIVA- f, getting their own modules and merchandising for the PS Vita.


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