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A peaceful death is Okame-P's 4th major album. It features guest lyricists Koyo (こよ) and Shikito (色人万騎).

The album can be downloaded for free on Okame-P's website.

A peaceful death
Released April 24, 2016
Producer Okame-P
Price Free
Illust. Ruuya
Track list
1. 奏でる命の音色
Kanaderu Inochi no Neiro / The Notes of Life
Hatsune Miku
2. 汚れた哀婉
Yogoreta Aien / Dirty Sorrowful
Megurine Luka
3. 君の夢と僕
Kimi no Yume to Boku / Your Dream and I
Hatsune Miku
4. 終わらない唄を
Owaranai Uta o
Megurine Luka
5. 意識は透明
Ishiki wa Toumei / Transparent Consciousness
Hatsune Miku V3 (Dark)
6. You're fucking beautiful
Megurine Luka
7. Panikhida
V3 Gumi (Power)
8. Daydream of the ideals
Hatsune Miku
9. 幸せな血涙
Shiwase na Ketsurui / Happy Tears of Blood
Megurine Luka
10. these tears won't wash you away
Hatsune Miku
11. A peaceful death
Megurine Luka
12. このノイズの先には
Kono Noise no Saki ni wa
Hatsune Miku
13. 心に残して
Kokoro ni Nokoshite / Remaining In My Heart
Megurine Luka
14. 想いを乗せて
Omoi o Nosete
Hatsune Miku
15. 鮮やかに色づいて
Azayaka ni Irozuite / Brilliant Colors
Hatsune Miku
16. Hold hands with you
Megurine Luka
17. 君へ贈る最後の言葉
Kimi e Okuru Saigo no Kotoba / Last Words to You
Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku
19. Heart
Hatsune Miku
Dreaming colors
Dreaming Colors
Sanctuary EP

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