AbstractCactus (Makku) is a cover producer known for making Vocaloid cover songs using the Vocaloid Utatane Piko in a very low range. Her notable works include Shizen no Teki-P's Kagerou Days and Genjitsutouhi-P's Two-Faced Lovers both sung by Utatane Piko.
STATUS:December 2010 → 2013
OFFICIAL:Blog: Tumblr
URL(s)Twitter Soundcloud
Gallery: DeviantArt
Channel: YouTube Nico Nico
PLAYLIST(s):(Nico Nico Douga List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "6900000000" (Piko) (Apr.30.2011)
  2. "Kokoro Kiseki" (Piko) (May.14.2011)
  3. "Stella" (Piko) (Jul.20.2011)
  4. "LET IT OUT" (Piko) (Aug.06.2011)
  5. "Nakimushi Kareshii" (Iroha, Piko) (Aug.17.2011) (Collaboration with Fruutella)
  6. "Ten-Faced" (Piko) (Aug.18.2011)
  7. "SPICE!" (Piko) (Sep.11.2011)
  8. "Two-Faced Lovers" (Piko) (Dec.22.2011)
  9. "Kagerou Days" (Piko) (Jan.17.2012)
  10. "PONPONPON" (Piko) (Feb.14.2012)
  11. "Mukei Spirit" (IA) (Mar.10.2012)
  12. "Konoha no Sekai Jijou" (Piko, IA) (Apr.13.2012)
  13. "Hurting for A Very Hurtful Pain" (Iroha, Piko) (Apr.27.2012) (Collaboration with Fruutella)
  14. "Nameless Girl" (IA) (May.12.2012)
  15. "Invisible" (IA, Piko) (May.20.2012)
  16. "Cadena" (IA) (May.26.2012)
  17. "*tear*" (Piko) (Jun.03.2012)
  18. "FLARE" (IA) (Jun.10.2012)
  19. "Karakuri Pierrot" (IA) (Jun.14.2012)
  20. "This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee" (IA) (Jun.25.2012)
  21. "Happy Synthesizer" (IA, Piko) (Jul.14.2012)
  22. "BadBye" (Gackpo) (Jul.20.2012)
  23. "The Dynamic Leap from Zero to Infinity" (IA) (Aug.05.2012)
  24. "FREYJA.sys~System Freya~" (Gackpo, Piko) (Aug.24.2012)
  25. "Plastic Cage" (Piko) (Sep.9.2012)
  26. "I Found a Way to Be Happy Forever" (Galaco, IA) (Oct.07.2012)
  27. "WAVE" (Gackpo) (Oct.20.2012)
  28. "Unhappy Refrain" (IA, Gackpo, Piko) (Nov.05.2012)
  29. "Piko Piko Ni Shite Ageru" (Piko) (Dec.07.2012)
  30. "GLIDE" (Gackpo) (Jan.14.2013)
  31. "Hoshizora no Ima" (IA) (Mar.05.2013)
  32. "Lost One's Weeping" (Gackpo) (Mar.14.2013)

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