Absurd Stories For The Rationally Insane is an album by Steampianist, album illustration and lyrics by morbid-morsel. It contains 6 tracks, sung by OLIVER and GUMI.

A crossfade for this album can be seen on Youtube. The album can be purchased on Bandcamp.

Absurd Stories For The Rationally Insane
Released July 14, 2014
Producer Steampianist
Price $3.00
Illust. morbid-morsel
Label Individual/Independent
Track list
1. The Boy With No Eyes
2. Twaddles of a Flue Faker (Remastered)
3. The Umbrella Salesman (Remastered)
4. I Built A Spaceship
5. The Botanist
6. The Logical Pink Gizmo and The Gingerbread Man (Remastered)
OLIVER ft. GUMI English
In Verbatim single
In Verbatim

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