Acappella-P (アカペラP) is not especially famous on Niconico. However, because he excels in making the acappella chorus, he often assists other authors.
STATUS:N/A → Assumed active
PLAYLIST(s):Nicozon / Nico Nico Douga
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "You Belong To Me" (Mar.20.2008)
  2. "Ievan Polkka" (Mar.20.2008)
  3. "Stand By Me" (Apr.06.2008)
  4. "Sobani Ite ("Stand By Me" in Japanese)" (Apr.06.2008)
  5. "Promise" (Song of The Gospellers) (May.04.2008)
  6. "Promise" (KAITO) (Song of Koumi Hirose) (May.04.2008)
  7. "Kimiwo sagashiteta" (Song of CHEMISTRY) (Jun.29.2008)
  8. "Aoi Usagi" (Song of Noriko Sakai) (Jun.29.2008)
  9. "Sweet Memories" (Song of Seiko Matsuda) (Aug.09.2008)
  10. "Kimiwo sagashiteta" (Song of CHEMISTRY) (with Sakkusu-P) (Aug.17.2008)
  11. "HikyouSentai Urotanda (A Capella version)" (Aug.23.2008)
  12. "Dancing ☆ Samurai" (Sep.27.2008)
  13. "Yumebouken" (from "Sanjuushi") (Coproduction)(Sep.27.2008)
  14. "Promise" (MEIKO) (Song of Koumi Hirose)(Nov.03.2008)
  15. "Promise" (KAITO MEIKO) (Song of Koumi Hirose)(Nov.26.2008)
  16. "Close Your Eyes" (Feb.14.2009)
  17. "Tookude Kitekiwo Kikinagara" (Song of Alice) (Feb.14.2009)
  18. "Lost Sheep (a cappella version)" (Coproduction)(Apr.26.2009)
  19. "Nonstop medley of set pieces for KAITO" (Jul.06.2009)
  20. "Sousei no Aquarion" (from "Sousei no Aquarion") (Jul.31.2009)
  21. "Futari no Harmony" (Coproduction) (Song of Akiko Yano & Kazufumi Miyazawa) (Oct.23.2009)
  22. "Hanamizuki" (Jun.04.2010)
  23. "- kimi_no_uwasa -" (KAITO) (Feb.14.2012)
  24. "KImigayo (National Anthem of Japan)" (MEIKO, KAITO) (Jul.28.2012)
  25. "Youjo no Aquarion" (Yuki) (Sep.30.2012)
  26. "Shiawase mo akogare mo" (MEIKO, KAITO, Gackpo) (Dec.31.2012)
  27. "Toki yo ~a cappella version~" (KAITO, VY2, ZORA) (Nov.02.2013)

(Work that he cooperated in)

  1. "The Final Stage" (MEIKO Sakine) (Made by Nanameue-P)

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