Add color! is a Lapis centered doujin compilation album. It was first released at Lapis Birthday Festival on the 14th of April, 2013 and later sold at The Voc@loid M@aster 24 on April 27 and also at Spring M3 on April 29. All of the tracks feature the vocals of Lapis along with her voice provider, Hinanata. There are six songs on the album, and an additional bonus track that is offered as a download to those who fill up the questionnaire that comes with the CD.

Official page can be found here.

Released April 14, 2013
Producer Various
Price ¥1,000
Illust. Maako
Label moshi moshi
Track list
1. Sweet Canvas
winddrums feat. Aoki Lapis, Hinanata
2. fani fani crazy!
Mikuni Yukinaka feat. Aoki Lapis, Hinanata
3. ねこみみだいぱにっく!
Nekomimi Dai Panic!
Nekomirin feat. Aoki Lapis, Hinanata
4. 星屑パジャマパーティ
Hoshikuzu Pajama Party / Stardust Pajama Party
low feat. Aoki Lapis, Hinanata
5. 透明パレット
Toumei Palette / Transparent Palette
Mafumafu feat. Aoki Lapis, Hinanata
6. スペース・タッグ
Clean Tears feat. Aoki Lapis, Hinanata
7. ???
??? feat. Aoki Lapis, Hinanata

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