Addict box is Machigerita-P's 2nd album which consists of 7 original tracks. The album features the vocals of Kagamine Len, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Megurine Luka and Camui Gackpo, aswell as some commentary by himself.

Addict box
Released February 22, 2009
Producer Machigerita-P
Price ¥500
Track list
1. SE -Addict Box-
2. 緑の川の流れる丘に立つ人物がどの様な心情に陥ったのか精神的分析を含み疾走するたびに唄う歌
Midori no Kawa no Nagareru Oka ni Tatsu Jinbutsu ga Dono You na Shinjou ni Ochiitta no ka Seishinteki Bunseki o Fukumi Shissou Suru Tabi ni Utau Uta / Song to Sing Every Time to Run while Analyzing Which Feelings the Person, Who Stands on the Hill Where a Green River Flows, Has Come to Have
Kagamine Len
3. Clione
Hatsune Miku
4. 螺子
Neji / Screw
Kagamine Rin
5. 幽霊人形
Yuurei Ningyou / Ghost Doll
Megurine Luka
6. 断頭台の哀歌
Dantoudai no Aika / Elegy of the Guillotine
Camui Gackpo
7. コメント
White album
white album

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