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Aerial Flow, also known as RyuushiP (粒子P) and Wahiko is a producer who often creates trance remixes of popular Miku songs. He has earned the title of "Legendary Miku Trance Master" as a result.
STATUS:2008 → active
URL(s)Youtube, Muzie, piapro, SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook
PLAYLIST(s):(NicoNico mylist)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Electric Angel (Aerial Flow remix)" (Miku) (Sep.03.2008)
  2. "-Memory-" (Miku) (Oct.19.2008)
  3. "PSY・S Angel Night ~天使のいる場所~" (Miku) (Feb.07.2009)
  4. "HARU / AERIAL FLOW REMIX [WEB EDIT]" (Miku) (Jul.02.2009)
  5. "ANGER - Ambient Trance Remix -" (Miku) (Jun.10.2010)
  6. "LOST YOU -WAHIKO REMIX-" (Miku) (Aug.05.2010)
  7. "Cold Leaf" (Miku) (Aug.02.2012)
  8. "Not Is Destination / Aerial Flow Remix - Radio Edit" (Miku) (Aug.23.2012)
  9. "Not Is Destination / Euphoric style - Nico Nico Edit" (Miku) (Aug.25.2012)
  10. "Here Bereaved - Aerial Flow Remix / web edit" (Miku) (Apr.13.2013)
  11. "紫苑-shion- / original mix" (Miku) (Aug.19.2013)
  12. "Reminice - Aerial Flow Remix" (Miku) (Dec.01.2013)
  13. "Shain - Hatsune Mix" (Miku) (Apr.30.2014)
  14. "Rebekka Friends [cover arrangement]" (Miku) (Jun.29.2014)
  15. "Electric Angel - Aerial Flow Remix 2014ver." (Miku) (Oct.05.2014)
  16. "Kalafina - Oblivious (Soranokyoukai cover)" (Miku) (Nov.01.2014)
  17. "melody... Aerial flow Remix" (Miku) (Dec.17.2014)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

Electric Angel (Aerial Flow remix)

Uploaded 2008.09.03 Featuring Hatsune Miku
This lengthy trance remix of Electric Angel is Aerial Flow's most notable work.


Compilation albumsEdit

  • 2008 Spring Best Song Album -Released: April 14, 2008
    (Song(s) featured: Electric Angel (Aerial Flow Remix))
  • Another Dimensions -Released: July 19, 2010
    (Song(s) featured: anger (Ambient Trance Remix))
  • The stars my destination -Released: October 26, 2014
    (Song(s) featured: HERE BEREAVED (AERIAL FLOW REMIX 2014 VER.))

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