Afternoon sunshine
Song title
"afternoon sunshine"
Uploaded January 20, 2009, with 35,000+ views
Megurine Luka
YouTube Broadcast

Background Edit

"afternoon sunshine" is an original Japanese and English VOCALOID song featuring Megurine Luka. It is one of three non-cover songs created as demos for the voicebank's original VOCALOID2 release. The purpose of afternoon sunshine was to showcase both Japanese and English vocals in a smooth jazz genre. The name of the producer was never released, however it features fanart created by a number of prominent Japanese artists throughout the video.

Lyrics Edit

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
優しいひかり差し込む 午後のMy Room yasashii hikari sashikomu gogo no My Room
そっと目を閉じる sotto me o tojiru
飲みかけのCoffee 大好きな Music nomi kake no Coffee daisuki na Music
そよ風が私を包む soyo kaze ga watashi o tsutsumu

このまま I go to the dreamland kono mama I go to the dreamland
私だけのTime watashi dake no Time
A tender afternoon sunshine, and me...
このまま夢の世界へ kono mama yume no sekai e
私だけの世界へ watashi dake no sekai e

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