あきこロイドちゃんLOVE♡ (Akikoloid-chan LOVE♡) is Akikoloid chan's first compilation album by Lawson. Most of the tracks on the CD were previously used as demo songs.

The album comes with additional DVD disc, that contains 2 videos with concert footage and some PVs.

Crossfade is available on Nico Nico Douga and YouTube

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It can be bought on HMV and on iTunes

Akikoloidchan Love
Released 12th December, 2012
Producer Various
Price ¥1,980
Label Mastard Records
Track list
1. 青いコンビニであいましょう
Aoi Konbini de Aimashou/I'll See You at the Blue Convenience Store
EHAMIC feat. Akikoloid-chan
Utata-P feat. Akikoloid-chan
3. トルコ行進曲-コンビニ\(^o^)/
Toruko Kōshinkyoku-Konbini
Owata-P feat. Akikoloid-chan
4. コンビニとあなたの相似性に関するアレコレ
Konbini to Anata no Soujisei ni Kansuru Arecore/Similarity for Your Convenience
Kobayashi Onyx feat. Akikoloid-chan
5. エンジョイクルー! ~リンリンシグナル LAWSON Ver.
Enjoy Crew! ~Rin Rin Signal LAWSON Ver.
Signal-P feat. Akikoloid-chan, Camui Gackpo
6. カラフルフィルター
Colorful Filter
Hachiouji-P feat. Akikoloid-chan
7. プレゼンティー
Lamaze-P feat. Akikoloid-chan
8. 明日になればまた続く
Ashita ni Nareba Mata Tsuzuku/Once Again, Follow Tomorrow
baker feat. kikoloid-chan
DJ aliy feat. Akikoloid-chan
10. 三ッ星レシピ
Mitsuboshi Recipe/Three Star Recipe
OSTER project feat. Akikoloid-chan
11. JINGLE BELLS -utata remix-
Utata-P feat. Akikoloid-chan
12. きみのせいだよ。
Kimi no Sei da yo./It's Your Fault.
EHAMIC feat. Akikoloid-chan
13. ストライプのサンタクロース
Stripe no Santa Claus
Captain Mirai feat. Akikoloid-chan
14. 素敵な気持ち
Suteki na Kimochi/A Wonderful Feeling
Toraboruta-P feat. Akikoloid-chan
15. ミートミーツガール
Miito Miitsu Gaaru/Meat Meets Girl
Ie no Ura de Manbou ga ShinderuP feat. Akikoloid-chan
16. ハレマチ夜空
Haremachi Yozora
ichi feat. Akikoloid-chan
17. Sunday
EasyPop feat. Akikoloid-chan, Megurine Luka
18. からあげクン音頭2012
Karaage-kun Ondo 2012
Hyadain feat. Akikoloid-chan
19. からあげクン音頭2012 ヒャダインのリリリリ☆リミックス
Karaage-kun Ondo 2012 Hyadain no Lily Lily ☆ Remix
Hyadain feat. Akikoloid-chan