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Aku no Musume 〜Seien no Gemini〜 Vocal & Soundtrack (悪ノ娘〜凄艶のジェミニ〜 ボーカル&サウンドトラック)

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悪ノ娘〜凄艶のジェミニ〜 ボーカル&サウンドトラック (The Daughter of Evil ~Alluring Gemini~ Vocal and Soundtrack) is an album released by Akuno-P and Kangaroo SUZUKI. It consists of 12 songs used in The Daughter of Evil Musical ~Alluring Gemini~.

Released February 3, 2010
Producer Akuno-P
Price ¥1,905
Illust. Ichika
Track list
Jo / Introduction
2. 悪ノ娘
Aku no Musume / The Daughter of Evil
Asami Shimoda
3. 王宮ノ人々
Oukyuu no hitobito / The People at the Royal Palace
4. 黄ノ国ノ王女
Ki no Kuni no Ouji / The Princess of The Yellow Country
5. 悪ノ召使
Aku no Meshitsukai / The Servant of Evil
Asami Shimoda
6. 緑ノ国ノ少女
Midori no Kuni no Shoujo / The Girl of the Green Country
7. 青ノ戦士
Ao no Senshi / The Warrior of Blue
8. 赤ノ革命者
Aka no Kakumeisha / The Revolutionary of Red
9. トワイライトプランク
Twiright Prank
Asami Shimoda
10. 戦火騒乱
Senka Ryouran / War Mayhem
11. 二人ノ王女
Futari no Ouji / The Two Princesses
12. リグレットメッセージ
Regret Message
Asami Shimoda
Mothy's second album
Neji to Haguruma to Pride
Mothy's third album
prelude to forest

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