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For other uses, see Alice (disambiguation).
Image of "Alice"
Song title
  • "Alice"
Uploaded August 07, 2009, with 411,000+ Niconico views


If you hear a sigh in this song, it means you have an experience which had passed your own happy summer.
— Author's comments

A song about a boy who loves and watches over a girl who doesn't love him back. The song focuses on their friendship and the unspoken love from the boy to the girl. Furukawa-P created the song to speak universally to everyone that has fallen in love.
This song has entered the Hall of Fame.

This song is featured on Furukawa-P's albums peams.E.P, PIANO LESSON E.P, and PIANO LESSON E.P 2. It also appears on the compilation album VOCALOID BEST from ニコニコ動画(あお).
He also released 2 remakes of the song: one, called "Alice -reprise-", appears on EXIT TUNES PRESENTS STARDOM 3, while the other, "Alice (AIW ver)". appears on peams.E.P.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Alice - acane_madder Mix
Featuring Acane madder
Author(s) Acane madder
Category Self Cover


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
遠い、遠い、笑えない話。 tooi, tooi, waraenai hanashi.
いつか、ぼくが 居なくなったなら itsuka, boku ga inaku natta nara

深い、深い 森に落ちた fukai, fukai mori ni ochita
きみは一人で行くんだぜ。 kimi wa hitori de ikun da ze.

繋いだ手には柔らかな体温 tsunaida te ni wa yawarakana taion
握った指が ゆるり、ほどけたら。 nigitta yubi ga yururi, hodoketara.

枯れた音色の鐘が鳴る。 kareta neiro no kane ga naru.
きみは一人で行くんだぜ。 kimi wa hitori de ikun da ze.

そのまま二人 歩んで一人 sonomama futari ayunde hitori
嘘付く声も もう 絶え絶えに。 uso tsuku koe mo mou taedae ni.
うつむき二人 影が一つ utsumuki futari kage ga hitotsu
僕も独りで行くんだぜ? boku mo hitori de ikun da ze?

きみは淡い恋に落ちた。 kimi wa awai koi ni ochita.
高い高い崖に咲く花。 takai takai gake ni saku hana.

「届かないなぁ。」 "todokanai naa."
わかってるくせに。 wakatteru kuse ni
今度は一人で行くんだぜ。 kondo wa hitori de ikun da ze.

遠い、遠い、笑えない話。 toui, toui, waraenai hanashi.
いつか、ぼくが 居なくなったなら itsuka, boku ga inaku natta nara

深い、深い 森に落ちた fukai, fukai mori ni ochita
きみは一人で行くんだぜ。 kimi wa hitori de ikun da ze.

それから一人 歩いて独り sorekara hitori aruite hitori
嘘付く事も もう 疲れた。 uso tsuku koto mo mou tsukareta

うつむき独り 黄金の部屋 utsumuki hitori kogane no heya
きみとふたりでいたんだぜ kimi to futari de itan da ze

僕は深い森に落ちた。 boku wa fukai mori ni ochita.
黒く煤けて 汚れた果実 kuroku susukete kegareta kajitsu

それで終わり それだけの話 sore de owari soredake no hanashi
きみはひとりでゆくんだぜ。 kimi wa hitori de yukun da ze.


Rion's cover
Featuring Tone Rion
Author(s) Asteresn (cover, illust), Prettyprincesstanya (VSQ)
Category VOCALOID cover
Katerinu2's English cover
Featuring Katerinu2
Author(s) Katerinu2
Category Human cover
Alice -Reach Out Mix-
Featuring Kenji-B, Megurine Luka, Gumi
Author(s) EmpathP
Category arrangement
Alice (mu-cho remix)
Featuring KAITO
Author(s) mu-cho
Category Arrangement

Other media appearancesEdit


This song was featured in the Miku no Hi Kanshasai 39's Giving Day concert in 2010.


Featured in the game(s)...
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Alice -Diva mix- (DLC) YouTube


External linksEdit

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