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Song title
  • "Alone"
Uploaded January 7, 2012, with 1,013,000+ YouTube views
  • Team. Hurihuri:
  • kimpaksa (music)
  • 45º (lyrics)
  • mongni (movie)


"Alone" is an original SeeU song, one of the winning entries of SBS Artech's UGC Contest. It is featured on SV01 SeeU's Compilation Album. A Japanese version of the song was also released on the Japanese language version of the same album. A Chinese version of the song using Luo Tianyi's vocals was later featured in the official album, Mèng de Qī Cìfāng (梦的七次方).

Succeeding versionsEdit

Japanese Version
Featuring SeeU
Author(s) kimpaksa
Category Succeeding version
Chinese Version
Featuring Luo Tianyi
Author(s) kimpaksa (compose, arrange), Merlin (Chinese lyrics)
Category Succeeding version
IA's Japanese Version
Featuring IA
Author(s) kimpaksa
Category Succeeding version



Namine Ritsu's Cover
Featuring Namine Ritsu
Author(s) Prince Syo
Category UTAU cover
Kasane Teto's Cover
Featuring Kasane Teto
Author(s) Sarah Lynn
Category UTAU cover
kuripurin's Cover
Featuring kuripurin
Author(s) kuripurin
Category Human cover
Zenruah's Cover
Featuring Zenruah
Author(s) Team.IDEA
Category Human cover
Tacca's English Cover
Featuring Tacca
Author(s) Tacca
Category Human cover
Raon Lee's Cover
Featuring Raon Lee
Author(s) Raon Lee
Category Human cover
Boksunga's Cover
Featuring Boksunga
Author(s) Haku Rui
Category Human cover
IZU's Bass Cover
Featuring SeeU
Author(s) IZU
Category Bass cover

Other media appearancesEdit


This song was featured in the following concerts:

  • Crazy Otaku's Unofficial B-Rated Don't Ask SeeU Concert


This song was featured in the iOS rhythm game app, Krazy Rain 2 Battle.

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