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Anga's Aria
Song title
"Anga's Aria"
Uploaded February 22, 2016, with 19+ views
A. Maya
YouTube Broadcast


Happy birthday, Prima! ゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚ (At least I'm assuming it's Prima's birthday since I didn't see any tumblr posts on Jan 14. I couldn't find anything anywhere that had her "birthday," just her western and Japanese release dates).

Additionally, I have some announcements. I have a new album that I'm working on, but no set release date as of yet. I plan on taking a semi-hiatus once the album releases. I plan to finish uploading the tracks that I'm remastering, uploading lyric videos for Adversity, and then uploading the lyric videos for the next album, Rivalry&Lies. However, I won't be writing anything new after Rivalry&Lies, as I plan on working on a new project called Faceless.

So what does that all have to do with this track? Well, Anga is a main character in Faceless. Though this particular song was written in one of the sequels and doesn't have anything to do with the plot in Faceless. However, I still felt as though this was a fitting time to announce my project ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

Faceless is still in its early planning stages so I can't really give many details about it. However, my plans include several songs, poems, and hopefully novella-length (or longer) prose that covers Anga's arc and possibly La'lyta's arc.

Additionally, I'd like to point out that almost all of the pronouns are wrong. Most of the he/his should be she/her. I finished mixing this song before I changed the gender of Anga's lover. Oops.

"Anga's Aria" is an original song by A. Maya featuring Prima.


Take me with the rain
To where my beloved lies -
To his corpse, so low
In the earth.

Take me to where his life had
Ended - so cold
And by his own dagger.

I beg these memories
Cease to haunt me,
But tell me, my paramour:
Do they still haunt you as well?
Oh, take me -
Take me to him!

Take me to my dearest,
Where he now is bound
In flesh.

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