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anon & kanon (杏音鳥音) are Japanese VOCALOIDs developed and distributed by the YAMAHA Corporation, and were released in March 2014 for the VOCALOID3 engine. Their voice providers have never been revealed.



anon and kanon are identical twins but have differences both physical appearances and personality. Like their vocals, the girls' outfits are similar, but not identical. Some details are mirrored or slightly altered. The largest difference applies to their facial expressions on the boxart, with kanon appearing perkier than her sister, anon.

They have play (▶) and stop button (■) symbols on their shoes. anon's has the play button on the left, while kanon's is on the right. kanon has long, grey/black boots, and short, black socks, which stop just below her knees, while anon has long, white, thigh-high stockings and short white boots. Their hair colours are almost identical: a "light reddish blond" (also known as "Apricot"). kanon has a mid-thigh length ponytail on the side of her head, which gradates to purple. anon has short hair cut close to her head with no gradation.

anon wears a white outfit and headset, while kanon wears a black outfit and headset. They both have microphones attached to their jackets, but on anon, it is on the left side of her jacket, while kanon has her's on the right. Their skirts are cut with one side being longer than the other. On anon, the long side is the right side of her skirt and on kanon it's on the left. They both have the same colored earrings, both purple eighth notes. anon's are small and dark-purple while kanon's are light-purple and slightly larger than her sister's.

They also have a binary code design on the inside of their jackets.


They are marketed as identical twins and 12th grade senior highschoolers.[2]


'A spontaneous, slightly airheaded girl with a short haircut. Since she's a bit scatterbrained, she's the type to not listen well when other people are talking. You could say she’s only really focused when she's dancing. Her favorite person is kanon.' She is the younger of the pair.

  • Special skill: Dancing
  • Favourite food: Bread
  • Subject she excels in: 'I don't have one, but if I had to say one, I guess History'


'She has extraordinary reflexes. She's a class representative type, a very capable person. She's a very focused and level headed girl. Right now, the thing she's worried about the most is anon's future.' She is the older of the pair.

  • Special skill: Dancing
  • Favourite food: Bread
  • Subject she excels in: PE and mathematics[3]


"" means "sound". The "" in anon's name means "apricot". Apricot is a sweet fruit, matching her more sweeter sounding vocal. The "" in kanon's name means "bird". The full meaning of the names of the pair are "apricot sound" and "bird sound".

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Mass Aquarium
Featuring anon and kanon
Producers RainbowCollision
Category Original song
One-Sided Love
Romaji/English One-Sided Love
Featuring anon and kanon
Producers Salk2d
Category Original song
Romaji/English Kyoukaisen wa Orange (The Borderline is Orange)
Featuring anon and kanon
Producers shirokuro
Category Original song
Featuring anon and kanon
Producers Trippin00
Category Original song

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In April 2014, an application for their trade was submitted.[4]

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Anon & kanon's character status

In 2015, a survey was made based on the popularity of VOCALOIDs on website Nico Video. For the year 2014, anon and kanon came joint 33rd with YOHIOloid and together were the 4th least popular Japanese vocals.[5]


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