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Aoki Lapis
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5.91 inches / 15cm


Eguchi Nako



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Bplats, Inc.


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YAMAHA Corporation
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Aoki Lapis VOCALOID3

Aoki Lapis (蒼姫ラピス) is a Japanese VOCALOID developed and is distributed by Bplats, Inc., under the YAMAHA Corporation, and was created in collaboration with i-style Project. She was released in April 2012 for the VOCALOID3 engine. Her voice is provided by a contest winner, Japanese female, Nako Eguchi (江口 菜子; Eguchi Nako). She is a "Character Voice" type VOCALOID.


Aoki Lapis is a fairy who has no memory of who she is.[1] She belongs to a race of fairies capable of transforming music into power and her voice is said to have the power to give life when she sings.


Aoki Lapis is named after the semi-precious gemstone Lapis lazuli because of her color palette. "Aoki" (her surname) means "Blue Princess".


The large gem she has on her head is a Paraíba Tourmaline, an extremely rare and precious gemstone. Her design is "light" in contrast with her sister, Merli.[2]


VOCALOID ReleasesEdit


On August 10, 2013, Lapis was shown in a demonstration using another synthesizer called "ToSpeak". Her voice was also shown at the "Comic Market 84", an event held at Osaki West Station shopping centre.[3][4]

Examples of UsageEdit

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Aoki Lapis!
Featuring Aoki Lapis
Category song
Aoki Lapis!
Featuring Aoki Lapis
Category song
Aoki Lapis!
Featuring Aoki Lapis
Category song
Aoki Lapis!
Featuring Aoki Lapis
Category song


Lapis had some fan direct marketing.

Mobile app

A free to download iOS app can be downloaded based on her. It allows Lapis to appear on screen as though she was in the environment being pictured. the app is called "Fairy Glasses" (妖精眼鏡), Lapis can be selected by typing in the code 105-2659. She will appear anywhere her PDF file stage (which must be printed off on a separate sheet of card/paper) is registered. She will sing and dance to the song "Daydream Flight" when active.[5][6][7]

A second app has also been released for free called "Lapis Night" (おやすみラピス) for both iOS and Android. In it, Lapis counts sheep to help you fall asleep, it also comes with an alarm.[8]

A third app has been produced for iOS and Android, this one based on a video game. The game is called "Lapis and the Strange Labyrinth" (ラピスと不思議なラビリンス).[9] A sequel was released called "Lapis and the Magic Melody" (ラピスと魔法のメロディ) [10].

Lapis as featured in the "Fairy Glasses" app
"Lapis Night" icon
"Lapis and the Mysterious Labyrinth" icon

A CD with all her demos was released on December 29th, 2011. The CD also included the unreleased demo "Think the Future".


On the 15th-16th of December GUMI , VY1v3 , Akikoloid-chan, Tone Rion and Aoki Lapis appeared in a 3D concert at VOCAFARRE 2011.

Main article: VOCAFARRE 2011


There was a "dress up" competition for Lapis. A base picture was issued and fans were invited to dress her up and submit the entry.[11] The contest is now complete with winners and runner ups announced. The winner's entry will be adapted and used as an official alternative costume.[12] There was also an illustration contest held for her, where over 3 rounds, users would be able to submit drawings of her and the best would go into a future art book.


Aoki Lapis's figure on display.

A figurine was seen on display for Lapis in late 2012.


Lapis has an official Twitter acount.[13]

Wall scroll

A wall scroll of Merli and Lapis has been produced.[14]


Lapis and Merli were used to release chocolates for Valentine's Day 2013.[15]


Saya's bike showing the sponsorship

During the 2013 All Japan Ladies Motocross Championship, the driver Yasuhara Saya was sponsored by i-style Project.[16]

Aoki Lapis Birthday Festival 2014

Main article: Aoki Lapis Birthday Festival 2014 Contest

I-Style started 2 contests to celebrate Lapis' 2nd Anniversary. The first contest is an art contest for Lapis, while the 2nd is a song contest. [17]

Additional informationEdit


Aoki Lapis Popularity
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Her version of the VocaloWitter app managed to earn 1st place out of all paid apps on the iTunes store on September 11th, 2013.[18]


Aoki Lapis had a number of songs in the Nico Douga weekly ranking after release.[19]

According to google trends, Lapis' popularity peeked in the month of release (April 2012). Her popularity remained fairly stable until June 2014, when it suddenly fell. She was overall less popular at the end of the VOCALOID3 era then before she was released.


  • Because of her iVOCALOID and Vocalowitter adaptations, Aoki Lapis was the first, and so far, only VOCALOID3 vocal to later be released on a version of the VOCALOID2 engine.
  • Aoki Lapis made a brief appearance in episode 8 of the anime Sakura Trick,[20] where she was a playable character in a Xbox-Kinect style dancing game.

Notable for...Edit

  • First i-style Project VOCALOID released
  • First female VOCALOID by i-style Project
  • First VOCALOID to have a confirmed sibling
  • First VOCALOID3 vocal to later be released on a version of the VOCALOID2 engine



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