Artificial love ft Sonika
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"Artificial Love"
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Fourth song on The Sonika Album (2010).


I'm just a robot
spare parts are what I'm made of
I'm all alone by myself without nobody to love

Why do you only answer the prayers of the people
I've got a life I can claim for myself
it's artificial but I think with a little luck

I can find someone
Keep praying to god up above
Send me a heart in a party
Invest a great love

How can you just exhibit your care for the people
When there's a life that is screaming for help
it's artificial and you couldn't give a damn

You couldn't give a damn
that I have feelings

I am a robot
as if life ain't hard enough
I've got to deal as a teenage machine that's in love

Why am I always falling in love with the people
I need to find a machine like myself
its artificial love that's what I'm dreaming of

Yes artificial love
that's what I'm dreaming of

Its artificial love
that's what I'm dreaming of