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  • "B+ANED"
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This song is a little weird, considering the lyrics and what it's about. I rather keep it low key since it's a touchy subject, but I think the subject is obvious since I fail at writing obscure lyrics -__- The color changes represent two sides of Avanna, and title is a acronym that doesn't make a sentence, but makes a group of related words.
— Nanamili aka.vocaloidluffer


What are they looking at?
Please don't point in my way
What can they be thinking?
I want to know so bad
What will be my next move?
My notebook is so full
What can i do to lose?
My goal is set to zero.

Stop it, I can't take much more
Shut up, you're worthless, It's nothing
Stop it, you're growing inside
You take, and I give, it's not right

Count and write everything you do
Bring it back up when you are wrong
Don't listen to lies people say
No one wants more of you today

What do they talk about
I already know
What are they laughing at
Please don't let it be me
What can I do to blend
There has to be something
What can I do to lose
My goal is set to zero

Build + Chorus

What do I even think
This can't be the real me
What am I looking at
This has to be a bad a dream
What can I do to change
Need to go more extreme
What can I do to lose
My goal is set to zero

Build + Chorus + Bridge+ Chorus Chorus