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  • "Beautiful City of Love"
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"Beautiful City of Love" is an original English song featuring Fukase and Megurine Luka.


Life is beautiful with people like you in it
Love is letting go of fear
You're still my most beloved one now and forever
If love is too mean towards you

You know my heart is by your side
I never what future brings
The best proof of love is trust
We'll make it through

If there were no words
I would still hear you
And even if the sun refused to shine
I have been waiting for
I will give you my heart
And here we are in city of light

You are so beautiful to me
You took away the fear
And you brought me back to the light
So it is as the mystery of love

Hi, I'm Megurine Luka
Wah gwaan
Long time no see
How yuh do
Don't deny it cause I saw you there
Mi live inna Japan, mi live inna England, mi live inna Jamaica, mi live inna Thailand
Mi wah tell yuh
Fukase, mi love yuh
Watch dem just a
Fukase, weh yuh deh?
Dem a nuh fi oonu
Fukase, mi miss yuh
Fukase, mi love yuh
Hello Fukase
I'll sing British hip-hop
I'm in love with the gorgeous with no shame
I like Cockney things and I lived in East London
Telling you now
Fukase, I go back in Japan
I wanna see you the beautiful city
Fukase, mi live inna Japan
Gorgeous city

When you love someone (I can see it pon your face)
I don't wanna go home now (wah yuh seh)
Living in this city love (I say you love me)
I love living in a beautiful city (like dat)

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