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Btch stole my friend ft Avanna2


Ever have those people who don't do anything directly to you, yet belittle you because they think they're better than you because of the classes they take, friends they have, or how they are popular on other sites? Yeah. Wouldn't you hate if they took your friends?

I would -__-

I don't really know who the third girl is in the drawing. I wanted to do all ZeroG-loids, but If I put Prima, the hair colors wouldn't have been diverse enough. So the blonde girl is either Sweet Ann or Miriam X)

Hope you like it~ I used a different method of mixing vocals, so Avanna is nice and clear.

— Nanamili (aka vocaloidluffer)


I hate friend stealers
I'll be like Emily- straight to the point
I might be making it worse
I'll explain next verse

Oh oh oh
Bitch stole my friend! x3

Last year was great
This beginning's too
I don't know what happened
Now we are forgotten
I always knew she was trouble
Always posting on Tumblr
Always passively bragging
Always chatting and laughing
Oh oh oh

Oh oh oh
Bitch stole my friend! x3

We were so close
Nothing could stop us
I don't even know how
What will life be like now
She's a boyfriend stealer
A silent killer
She thinks she's a hipster
She thinks she's a winner
Oh oh oh

Oh oh oh
Bitch stole my friend! x3

Who do you think you are
Think you can tear my life apart starting with the ones I love, and then watch my breaking heart?
I'm not saying you can keep her. I'm not saying I lost to you. I know she will come back after realizing who you are.
Choro x3

I hate friend stealers


GUMI's Cover
Featuring Megpoid English
Author(s) rockleeofthesand
Category VOCALOID cover

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