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I don't know if you'd be able to tell, but I tend to get in a lot of arguments with people over dumb things (like what Luka V4x's E.V.E.C. really is, lol)... Things like that, when you think about it, are really pointless because we're going to know in a few months or less anyway. Even in the cases of other things, is it really going to matter a year from now? If it isn't, then why bother?

The other thing he wanted to do is not fawn over people just because they talk the talk, which I can completely get behind. Skepticism is great, y'all! If something turns out to be untrue, you don't look dumb in the end!

— corasundae

"Black Sheep" is a short original song featuring OLIVER. A full version may be available in the future.


Not long ago I had a wish
the person I wanna be
the things I wanna say
little by little I forgot
when pressures had piled up
I threw it all away

Don't you tell me about
losing hope in that tired dream
put the fighting aside and then you'll see

with every trouble in my life
push it past and let it slide
it's not worth the struggle when I can feel it break me
When you're by yourself
sing a song for no one else
wipe those tears away from your eyes
(right now, there's no need to cry)
from now on I'll follow my heart
to where it takes me

This is a thing of the past
look at the present like that
Trusting the future's a wonderful thing
but trust in yourself

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