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  • Rinandlen4lyfe
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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    If nintendo fuses with yamaha to make a Mike voicebank......

    Name: Mike

    Gender: Male

    Voice: English: Seth Rogan (The man who voiced frank from sausage party) Japanese: Atsushi Hashimoto

    Company: Nintendo

    Language: Japanese, English

    Code: NV01

    Affiliation: YAMAHA Corporation, Nintendo

    Character Interface:

    Demonstration Song: Mike's Song(Reprise known as: My name is mike, First nintendo vocaloid) (Ft.VY1,Gumi,Miku,CyberDiva,KaitoEnglish,Cybersongman,Dex,Fukaseenglish)

    Lyrics to the demo song:

    VY1 Gumi Miku CyberDiva: Go! Go! Go! Go! Mike! (2x)

    Mike: My name is Mike, come on, let's robo-karaoke

    CyberSongman Kaito Dex Fukase: Rock the mic! (2x)

    Mike: Get up on the stage and sing a little ditty for me!

    CyberSongman Kaito Dex Fukase: Rock the mic! (2x)

    Mike: Of…

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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    Silver As LEON

    Blaze As LOLA

    Tikal The Echnida As MIRIAM

    Lori Loud As MEIKO

    Lazy Larry As KAITO

    Yuki Yoshida As Sweet Ann

    Penny Fitzgerald As Hatsune Miku

    Lincoln Loud As Kagamine Len

    Lynn Loud As Kagamine Rin

    Nicole As Prima

    Patrick Fitzgerald As Gackpo

    Momoko Asuka As Megurine Luka

    Mrs. Fitzgerald As Gumi

    Onpu Segawa As SONiKA

    Aiko Senoo As SF-A2 MIKI

    Anais As Kaai Yuki

    Mr.Small As Hiyama Kiyoteru

    Mr.Yoshida As Big Al

    Richard As Tonio

    Zakuro Fujiwara As Lily

    Hana Makihatayama As VY1

    Darwin As Ryuto

    Doremi Harukase As Nekomura Iroha

    Tetsuya Kotake As Utatane Piko

    Rob/Dr.Wrecker As VY2

    Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune As Mew

    Hazuki Fujiwara As SeeU

    Masami Yoshida As Tone Rion

    Clyde McBride As OLIVER

    Buttercup (PPGZ) As CUL

    Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury As Yuzuki Yukari

    Nick Wil…

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  • Oiribem

    Old vocaloids (V2)

    February 26, 2017 by Oiribem

    Hi everybody, i was wondering, how it could be if Vocaloid producers make a "remasterization" of their V2 VB and bring it back to V4 such as Sweet Ann who is my favorite femenine english VB, her voice is very soft, in the idea, maybe it would be great to have a power or an Rock Ann with Growl and a more powerfull voice like Meiko Power or Maika, revive MIRIAM maybe an Original VB, Tonio i think its ok with that voice style, Big Al omg he was one of the most loved from V2. I am not very shure what do people think about Prima's voice, usually i dont use her because her voice style is more suitable for opera sweet/slow songs. Another idea, its make an Job-plugin "retro". During many months i was imaginating how it would be Vocaloid if Voctro …

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  • Kailey-void

    Let's Talk

    February 19, 2017 by Kailey-void

    Notice: I am NOT trying to make this a spam page, I just need to use something in order to get a feel for the wiki. Sorry in advance should this fall under said category.

    I'm trying out this blog to see how it works for when l use it in the future. Please give me info if you have any! (Rules, guidelines, and the like would also be appreciated)

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  • MagnoliaUTAU

    Profile Image

    February 14, 2017 by MagnoliaUTAU

    Guess What, I Have A New Profile Image! It Is UNI

    Do You Guys Like It?????????????

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  • Angel Emfrbl

    Top Vocaloids of 2016...

    February 10, 2017 by Angel Emfrbl

    Its a month late... I usually aim to do this in Jan, but I had really mixed feelings right at the end of 2016 because of XSY. I haven't looked at my older listed as I write this, I'll add links to them afterwards. I just want to see how things progressed.

    As usual their divided into 3 groups, my favourite, my "meh" list and least favourite.

    So as usual, apart from the top 3 Vocaloids, none of them are in order, I just liked the over others.

    1. Tonio
    2. Big Al
    3. Macne Nana - no change, I'm pretty settled on these 3.
    • Kaito - Still a pretty strong and stand out vocal among the Japanese vocaloids.
    • Bruno - Its a shame the Spanish Vocaloids seem to be doing naught right now... :-/
    • Yukari - I'm starting to like her vocal...
    • Songman
    • Fukase
    • Daina
    • VY2

    These are, as us…

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  • Angel Emfrbl

    A little bit of a talk

    February 10, 2017 by Angel Emfrbl

    One of the legacy of drama over Miku's design is that people don't like their work being said too be too "Miku-esque". I tried to explain to someone earlier this year that a character they designed showed clear Miku influences, but they had 3 other influences that weren't showing up in the design enough. Its really hard to communicate over an idea, when I was simply trying to point out that their other influences BESIDES Miku simply needed to be more present to stop the character looking like a Miku clone with pink hair... :-/

    It wasn't the pigtails, as I tried to explain, it was the outfit to, I also tried to explain that even within Vocaloid there was issues with this with Stardust and Ring. Funny thing is, I just tried to explain that …

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  • Marlicious

    My Welcome Day!

    February 7, 2017 by Marlicious

    Hi! I have a new account here! You may see me if you wanna check my YouTube account! I do have an Instagram and here it is! mattjuntilla OK I see I have to go I'l make another one! Bye!

    So cute! Like it? I made it by myself!

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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    Yan Xi From MUTA

    February 1, 2017 by PrincessDaisyFan99

    I Found This Video Underrated.....

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  • MagnoliaUTAU

    Mean Girls

    January 17, 2017 by MagnoliaUTAU

    Please don't be mean (Ps. Who Is Your Favourite Mean Girls Character? Pps. Do You Like Mean Girls)

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  • Atsuko-Regalia

    I've recently found out about Rion's update to V4, new Vocaloid Yumemi Nemu, and voice provider Nemu Yumemi. And I've gotta say, I'm not too happy.

    While I do like that an unloved Vocaloid like Rion is getting an update, I don't like how they completely changed her design. I'm okay if you change the outfit, and I'm okay if they change the hairstyle. They did both when they updated flower, and you could still tell it was flower. But with Rion, we go from purple hair to light orange and purple eyes to blue. If you showed me her new design without telling me it was a Rion update, I would have thought that it was an entirely new Vocaloid, and then I would've probably slapped you when you told me it was Tone Rion.

    As for the upcoming Yumemi Nemu,…

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  • 763492


    January 1, 2017 by 763492

    Hey Voclaoid wikia people! It's New Years Day, you what this means, right?


    Comment down your new year's revloution here please.

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  • NebulousViper

    UTAU Release - Ser0

    January 1, 2017 by NebulousViper

    Happy New Year! It's 2017!!! And what better way to kick off the new year than to release the 2nd UTAU of our group: Ser0!

    She is an English vocalist! There is also support in making her sing in Spanish as well! Please take a look at her debut video! You can download her voicebank through the video's description!

    The staff hopes you enjoy listening to and/or using Ser0! It's been a long journey for her voice provider, who worked on her voicebank for a very long time. She put so much effort into producing Ser0 and we're all so proud of her!

    Debut video for Ser0

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  • Midori Gurin (chan)
    • Deep breathes*

    Okay. so I'm probably WAY WAY too new and dumb to even try to edit a single article. So I turn to the community for help! 

    What should I know as someone who wants to get into Vocaloid?

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  • NebulousViper

    For other editors to reference. Quick checklist of things that need to be done. I currently can't edit due to weak WiFi and I'm leaving soon. I can help clean things up if needed. Here's the things that are missing:

    • Vocaloid Wiki:Sandbox/Tone Rion V4
    • Tone Rion V4 (REDIRECT PAGE)
    • Vocaloid Wiki:Sandbox/Yumemi Nemu
    • Vocaloid Wiki:Sandbox/Yumemi Nemu (VOCALOID4) (Reminder: Nemu does have a demo available, so please include that)
    • Yumemi Nemu (REDIRECT PAGE)
    • Yumemi Neumi (VOCALOID4) (REDIRECT PAGE)
    • Artist entry for Yukiko Horiguchi; drew both Nemu and Rion V4
    • Voice provider entry for Nemu Yumemi; voiced both Nemu and Rion V4
    • Consider a separate gallery page for MoeJapan/Dear Stage? If not, keep them under YAMAHA I suppose. Add Rion V4 and Nemu's characte…
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  • NebulousViper

    2017 logo final round! Winning VOCALOIDs for English and Japanese are Daina and Otomachi Una! This round is for choosing the official art to use for the logo. Please copy and paste the links to view the images.

    Please read VOCALOID-ALLSTARS journal for more information about this poll.

    Deadline is December 31, 2016.


    Which DAINA image should be used?

    • (4 votes)
    • (21 votes)

    Which Una image should be used?

    • (4 votes)
    • (9 votes)
    • (0 votes)
    • http://vocaloid.wik…
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  • MeerkatQueen

    This is a list of VOCALOID voicebanks with [br1] - [br5] phonetics.
    See Also: Misc Phonetics

    Please note we are waiting for more information on some voicebanks

    Only MEIKO and KAITO have this function as [*in] and [*out]

    All voicebanks except Sweet_Ann, Tonio, and Sonika

    • Oliver
    • Megpoid_Native
    • MIKU_V3_Original
    • MIKU_V3_Soft
    • MIKU_V3_Solid
    • MIKU_V3_Sweet
    • MIKU_V3_Dark
    • MIKU_V3_Light
    • MIKU_V3_Vivid
    • MEIKO_V3_Dark
    • MEIKO_V3_Power
    • MEIKO_V3_Straight
    • MEIKO_V3_Whisper

    • LUKA_V4X_Hard
    • LUKA_V4X_Hard_EVEC
    • LUKA_V4X_Soft
    • LUKA_V4X_Soft_EVEC
    • RIN_V4X_Power_EVEC
    • RIN_V4X_Warm
    • RIN_V4X_Sweet
    • LEN_V4X_Power_EVEC
    • LEN_V4X_Cold
    • LEN_V4X_Serious
    • MIKU_V4X_Original_EVEC
    • MIKU_V4X_Soft_EVEC
    • MIKU_V4X_Solid_EVEC
    • MIKU_V4X_Sweet
    • MIKU_V4X_Dark
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  • NebulousViper

    2017 Logo polls part two! Winning VOCALOIDs for Spanish and Mandarin are Clara and Stardust! This round is for English and Japanese VOCALOIDs only

    Please read VOCALOID-ALLSTARS journal for more information about this poll.

    Deadline is December 24th, 2016.

    RESULTS: Pick an English VOCALOID4 (Dex is excluded for being in the 2016 logo)

    • CYBER DIVA with 4 votes
    • RUBY with 9 votes
    • DAINA with 19 votes
    • CYBER SONGMAN with 8 votes

    Pick an Internet Co VOCALOID

    • Camui Gackpo with 4 votes
    • Gumi V4 with 5 votes
    • Lily V3 with 1 vote
    • Ryuto V3 with 1 vote
    • Cul with 2 votes
    • Kokone with 12 votes
    • Chika with 1 vote
    • Una with 15 votes
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  • DianceTheGemPrincess

    So, yes, Rin & Len are my favorite Vocaloids. So Im looking for songs/covers with their vocals. Also my favorite song by Rin/Len is ""F*** You" lol.

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  • NebulousViper

    2017 Logo polls cannot include: DEX, MEIKO, MAIKA, YANHE, Miku (Default), SeeU (only Korean VOCALOID released).

    Please read VOCALOID-ALLSTARS journal for more information about this poll.

    Deadline is December 10th, 2016.


    Pick a generation for English VOCALOIDs.

    • VOCALOID2 with 8 votes
    • VOCALOID3 with 14 votes
    • VOCALOID4 with 23 votes

    Pick a company for Japanese VOCALOIDs.

    • Crypton Future Media with 5 votes
    • Internet Co. Ltd with 18 votes
    • AH-Software with 4 votes
    • YAMAHA/Bplats with 9 votes
    • i-Style Project with 3 votes
    • MI7 Japan Inc. with 2 votes
    • Other with 5 votes

    Pick a Spanish VOCALOID.

    • Bruno with 11 votes
    • Clara with 24 votes
    • Ona with 3 votes

    Pick a Mandarin Chinese VOCALOID.

    • Luo Tianyi with 11 votes
    • Xin Hua with 2 votes
    • Yuezheng Ling with 8 votes
    • Stardust w…

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  • Hatsune Miku-Dono

    Hatsune Miku

    November 26, 2016 by Hatsune Miku-Dono
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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    LeonXLola (Leola)

    MiriamXCorrin (Fire Emblem) (Corriam)
    MEIKOXKAITO (Meikait)
    SweetANNXBigAL (ALANN)
    HatsuneMikuXYOHIOloid (Yohiku)
    KagamineRinXKagamineLen (RiLe)
    PrimaXTonio (Primonio)
    GackpoidXMegpoid (MegGackt)
    MegurineLukaXKingKRool (Donkey Kong Country) (LuKRool)
    SONiKAXKapp'n (Animal Crossing) (SONiKapp'n)
    MikiXPiko (Pikoki)
    YukiXRyuto (Ryuki)
    KiyoteruXRuby (KIYUBY)
    LilyXKyo (KYOLY)
    IrohaXYuu (Yuuroha)
    SeeUXUsee (Genderbent Couple?) (Korean Shipping)
    RionXFukase (Fukarion)
    CULXNagareboshiYue (UTAU) (CULYUE)
    Yuzuki YukariXEnergizer Bunny (ENERGIZER FRANCHISE) (BatteryBunnyBabe)
    BrunoXClara (Brunalra)
    IAXTakahashi (CeVio) (TAKAI)
    AokiLapisXChibiRobo (Chibi Robo) (Aokibo)
    Luo TianyiXSin…

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  • FellowFan

    hey i made a google slides that ppl can edit. gonna put my faith in ppl and hope for no vandalism.

    i will do a slide or two myself for examples/templates. hope ppl enjoy!(?) ^_^

    edit: i forgot i made this lol. i went on today and it was just like 'you all are weeaboos'. thank goodness for google history! 

    to the person that i guess wanted to make it about mascots that's....not really what it was for?? its meant to be for producers / artists.

    again plz no vandalism

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  • Rahkshimaster999

    "Well huzzah for you, then, living a life where you can give a reason for everything, must be difficult to have to deal with all of us all the time..."

      -Rahkshimaster999, 2016

    So I'm back after a frustrating amount of time. My apologies to Employee427, who asked me a question last post. For some reason the Wikia isn't allowing me to add comments on that particular post so it looked like I ignored you. My bad! Anyways, let's see what I spout off today and hope something that makes sense comes out. Before I begin, none of the non-Wikia links are sites that belong to me so don't ask questions aimed at me on said sites because nobody will know what you're talking about.

    I like card games. I'm about to go play a card game right now, in fact, so …

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  • Angel Emfrbl

    Choatic last 72 hours

    November 17, 2016 by Angel Emfrbl

    I've had the most chaotic 72 hours... I'm not going to detail them, but I'll give you a taste.

    Today I stopped into my local opticians. I said I had a brown web spiderweb effect in my eyes an had had it constantly appearing on and off for 2 weeks. 5 hours later I ended up in A&E being told its likely not important, which I knew.

    Long story short, they played "pass the patient", slowly passing me down the line until I got to A&E. As we said to the doctor at the hospital, we (my mother was driving me from stop to stop as I had met up with her) didn't want to end up there, but nobody would spend 5 minutes to look at my eyes. They just kept saying "go here". It wasn't a real emergency,I was just off loaded onto someone else. Reason? They w…

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  • MeerkatQueen

    Very Important Poll

    November 16, 2016 by MeerkatQueen

    This is a serious question.

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  • LayetriP

    I'm angry as hell

    November 13, 2016 by LayetriP

    I'm done with this site.

    For real.

    My PR guy Pascal just messaged me about deletion of pages. If complete, finished songs aren't allowed on this stupid website, then what is? If you can tell me what it is that you try to achieve by sticking to a non-publication policy, please do so.

    No, seriously. What is it that makes you turn down all the good guys? I get that you want to be some elitist platform in the Vocaloid community, but come on: you can't! The Vocaloid community is a place for fans to unite, to share information with eachother. Vocaloid is something everyone can use, not just a select few. Not just some well-known musicians can create great songs, I can do that too. But if you don't even give a chance to people to let the world know t…

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  • LayetriP

    Hey guys!

    It's finally here: official Release Announcement day :D. And man, we have a whole lot to announce!

    First of all, the thing you're all quite aware of by now: Layetri's new album will be released on December 1st, 2016! It's official now :D. We as a team worked hard the past months to deliver you a great album (I myself have been working on these songs for about a year now, so I guess it's time for change now lol). However, unlike stated in the previous posts about it, the album 500001 will first be released as an EP version. Before you go and ragequit, notice the word first in the sentence. But wait, will there be a second album? you might ask yourself. And yes, there will be a second album. We decided that, in order to deliver you the be…

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  • LayetriP


    So, as you guys might have noticed, there was no Road to a New Album last week. And there won't be one this week either, as we are very close to the internal deadline for the album 500001. On deadline-day, which is this Monday, I will give you all the info in the official Release Announcement! So.... stay tuned!



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  • Rahkshimaster999

    " favorite VOCALOID is Ring Suzune(read above paragraph before beginning argument about her validity as a VOCALOID), but Luka is pretty bae too."

    -Rahkshimaster999, 2016

    Well, apparently I can't post VOCALOID pictures on the VOCALOID Wikia, so now I look like a liar in the last thing where I said I was giving you a picture of Yowane Haku. It was a really cute chibi-style picture, too...but anyways! As you may have read in my previous future post(of course that makes sense, shut up and keep reading or go away), today's topic is it's not...what was it again? Oh yeah, why Ring is in fact considered a VOCALOID because some people don't seem to believe that. Wait, it wasn't? Well, then what was it? My favorite non-Ring VO…

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  • Dr. Oobleck

    For the Achievement

    October 25, 2016 by Dr. Oobleck

    Doing this for the achievements.

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  • Rahkshimaster999

    I don't even pretend to know what I'm doing on here, except sometimes like now. So I'll give you a warning before I begin my rant: This is a rant...I think. Maybe I'm introducing myself in more detail to you guys, assuming you are in fact real and not just fake accounts created by the computers to trick the humans into thinking their opinions and things matter, in which case my apologies overlords, I promise I'll get the power cord on system 1031k47MEEP fixed soon. Maybe it's just me blowing a part of my brain out onto the net for people to study and wonder what a crackpot I am...or maybe they'll think I'm a genius. Who knows. Not me. ANYWAYS! BEGIN INTRO?/RANT!

    Foistovall, my favorite VOCALOID is Ring Suzune. Yes, yes, she was cancelled, I…

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  • LayetriP

    Hey guys!

    It's time for part six in the RTANA series but... There isn't any news from the team! We are all just working hard (I suppose) and nothing really happened this week, except for Xai's birthday yesterday - please go congratulate her and stuff :D.

    Just like last time, I want to let you guys know that I opened commissions/collabs/whatever. Please ask me to do something because I won't have anything to do next month, when the songs for the album are done and everything has been sent to the network company thingy. Please ask stuff! I also do art/illustrations etc, so you can ask my help for that as well.

    This was the shortest article in the series so far :D. Hope you still liked it.Check out previous articles and stay tuned for the next o…

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  • LayetriP

    5th part already! YAY!

    Hey guys!

    It's been a week since my last article in this series, so yeah... I guess it's about time to give you guys an update on what's going on within teamLayetri. Not much happened the past week, everyone is just working hard on finishing everything. Let's get into it :).

    First, an update on the progress: four out of six songs are completely done! YAY :) We spent hours and hours this last week trying to finish off the last bits and pieces, and everything sounds great! I can already tell you that this album is gonna be something good, so be prepared.

    And, while 500001 isn't even finished, I'm already working on songs for what could be our next album. The music I'm creating now are more like experiments to me, trying ou…

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  • CCyclone

    Forget it. I'll behave

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  • Ajkpinky

    COROROBO initial opinions

    October 3, 2016 by Ajkpinky


    So uh... hoo boy.

    I know nearly all my blog posts seem to spiral downward into arguments for some reason, but maybe this time will be the time I get it right.

    Anyway: COCOROBO.

    A VOCALOID... based off a character... for a Roomba. A Roomba.

    Gotta say, I did not see that coming.

    Here are my own opinions real quick: Her design is okay, and her voice seems fairly generic. But again, my opinions. If you like her, great! If you don't, fine!

    I just can't get over this. I mean, I suppose I should have seen something like this coming with Unity-chan, seeing as she's based off the character for the Unity engine, but at least she can be used for free and can be beneficial to the users of Unity who want to incorpo…

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  • LayetriP

    Hey guys!

    It's time for a new article in my little series-thingy. YAY! First of all, I'm really sorry that this article is so late, I was really busy with school yesterday and had no time to write a post. So, let's get started!

    First thing that happened this week: We unveiled the cover for the "500001" album! Here it is:

    The illustration is by illustrator Anca, while the layout and design was done by me. Yes, I also do stuff within the team :D. Anyways, I personally think it looks really great, especially the contrast between the realistic grass and the drawing. There will be some minor tweaks regarding layout, but this is what it will look like. 

    Secondly, we have some bad news. Anca quit the team :c. Due to being short on time and having oth…

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  • Bunai82


    I will be (as the title states) off-and-on the Vocaloid wiki for a while. It mainly has to do with focusing and working on my primary wiki for relaxation purposes. I can be contacted through my talkpage and such but I may not engage in serious administrator tasks and requests. -- Bunai82 (talk) 22:55, September 28, 2016 (UTC)

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  • LayetriP

    Road to a New Album (Part 3)

    September 25, 2016 by LayetriP

    Yay! More blog posts!

    Before you start wondering why this post is so early on the day (at least for me it is): it's because I'm celebrating my birthday in the afternoon yay ~ That means I won't be able to write something tonight and I still wanna keep a weekly schedule, so this one is a bit earlier than usual.

    Anyways, hi guys! It's been a week since my last post and, to be honest, not much happened. Okay, there are some fun things and stuff, but it was not really a special week in the history of teamLayetri. That's actually a good thing. If there are funny things going on like a week before the initial deadline, there could be a major problem. Luckily, everything is fine. So, let's start with this week's "news flash".

    First of all: recording …

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  • Atsuko-Regalia

    Hello, Atsuko here.

    If you've read the title (and I'm pretty sure you have), then you can tell I've very recently joined the Vocaloid Wiki community. So I want to apologize ahead of time for any mistakes I've made or things I've overlooked.

    I can do standard things like comment and, create articles (particularly song articles), and edit them, but I also don't know how to do other basics like something as simple as adding a photo. I'm not even sure what I should blog about in the future.

    Hopefully, I can grow out of this.

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  • CCyclone

    I'm 18 today!

    September 20, 2016 by CCyclone

    I am officially an adult, and just registered to vote/applied for a job this morning :) But I just wanted to say thanks to everybody on the Wikia, especially those who made it possible to have one, because this place has been such an integral part of my life. I've learned a lot, I've been able to contribute a lot, and I've met a lot of really great people who I can actually have thoughtful discussion on VOCALOID with, which I'm really thankful for. 

    I look back at all the silly mistakes I made when I was 15/16, and I just kind of laugh because there were just so many! I hope to be much better in the future and improve my skills and contributions on this Wiki, for my sake and yours xD

    Hope you guys are having a great day!! 

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  • LayetriP

    Road to a New Album (part 2)

    September 18, 2016 by LayetriP

    Hey guys!

    So, how're things going? Everything is fine over here yay :). As promised, here is the second part of my weekly "Road to a New Album" series. A series of blog posts which will give you a little insight into a Vocaloid producer's daily/weekly/whateverly life. Let's get going!

    First of all, as some of you might have noticed, there was some clash going on between me and the Vocaloid Wikia, that I believe to be solved. After the deletion of my pages, I went on a rant stating all publication about me would be prohibited. Which is actually still the case. Since I really want to provide you guys with genuine information on me/my team/my songs, I don't want you guys to think up some kind of story about me and put it out on the internet. Th…

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  • LayetriP

    After brutal deletion of both my Producer page and Song page, I have made a somewhat unusual decision. Since there is no real reason involved (both stated "self-promotion" or "you can't create pages about yourself or your works", which can't be found anywhere in the site policies) and I spent about two hours figuring out how the stuff works and creating both articles, I have decided that from now on, I won't post anything to Vocaloid Wikia, nor will any of you.

    New policy regarding me: You aren't allowed to create a page about me or my works on Vocaloid Wikia. Any other wiki site is just fine.

    This will also be in the legal section of my website, so feel free to delete this post if it offends you.



    UPDATE: It's even stated in the Wik…

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  • LayetriP

    Road to a New Album (part 1)

    September 11, 2016 by LayetriP

    Hey guys!

    First: let me introduce myself. I'm LayetriP, 16 years old and a trying-to-be Vocaloid producer. I live in the Netherlands, which some of you might know as the lowest country in the world. To me it's more known as the country with the biggest lack of Vocaloid fanbase, and I wanted to change that. That was where my goal was born of creating songs that are easy to listen to for every person I could think of, but they should contain a deeper meaning as well, not your plain average pop song. So, that's what I'm doing right now. And as for the rest of this post...

    With about two months to go before the internal deadline of my upcoming album, I thought it'd be fun to share some inside stories and news with you. So... Here we go!

    First of …

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  • Sampop12

    Kaito V4

    August 30, 2016 by Sampop12

    While i understand most people do/ don't want a kaito V4, i really want one!

    Kaito V3 was released in 2013 making that instrument 3 years old. Our current engine is V4 which others XSY and growl. Kaito can do XSY however as they werent made for the XSY the vocal may sound off or not as good. Which is why a V4 voicebank would take advantage of these capabilities as well as the growl samples. Kaito English is pretty good compared but could be improved on by sorting out sound issues and making the vocal range bigger. Overall Kaito voicebank could do with higher quality with better mics etc... Kaito had other voicebanks around 6 new ones which were not included in his V3 pacakged which were Mellow, Serious, Soild, Sweet, Vivid, Power and Wat ex…

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  • Angel Emfrbl

    So on DA you often see people posting their top 10 Vocaloids.

    Despite knowing the likes of Haku, Teto and others are not actually Vocaloids, people still include them. At this stage, you can pretty much fill a top 10 list several times over since we have 70+ Vocaloid and more then that in voicebanks.

    I won't link to anyone, but a few days ago there was about 5 people posting lists of their favourite vocaloids, 3 of them included non-Vocaloids. This is a pet-peeve of mine, because the rules for it being a vocaloid are straight forward, it has a vocaloid made for Vocaloid ergo its a Vocaloid.

    Teto is a UTAU, as concerned as I am for UTAU in my last blog entry, right now its still good enough to continue on for a few years to come, and even the…

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  • Angel Emfrbl

    So Kaito is now on the table now Miku is coming off soon. On the one hand it means Miku V4x is done and dusted and ready... On the other we got the broken record syndrome going on.

    I love update, do you? No really, that wasn't sarcasm its the truth. I love seeing old things give a new lick of paint or lease of life.

    Don't get me wrong, but updates don't always add much to the mix and are often only really appreciated when they add a lot of things new to the original. Take for insist Skyrhim HD. Fine you have a good a game, you can update it to HD textures. But not ever fan an ee much of a difference, the game was released in 2011. In contrast to the demand for a Morrowind update, which is confirmed likely will never happen because of h…

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  • CCyclone

    So in case you guys haven't noticed those little bouts of edits where it's literally just me for seven or eight song page edits, there's a reason why I've been doing it. It's been a project of mine for a little over a year, and I finally finished going through every single female VOCALOID today, from anon to Yukari! Yaaaay :D

    I figured I'd give a little background as to why I do it though- it's mainly for the sake of keeping things clean and uniform. An admin pointed out to me on a song page I was making that I don't need to put katakana in all CAPS LOCK, and I don't need to uppercase the first letter of every lyric (for example: "Watashi no NEKO wa KAWAII desu" should just be "watashi no neko wa kawaii desu", which looks so much cleaner).


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  • Kana "Saki Kuro" Clark

    The Truth

    August 10, 2016 by Kana "Saki Kuro" Clark

    Hey, guys. It's been a while since I've posted a blog. Anyways, I wanted to tell you something that is 2-years-old and a bit outdated.

    So, remember the RP 'incident' that took place in back in April of 2014? Well, the truth is *I* was the one who made the accounts.

    Lemme explain: I first joined the Wiki at the age of 16. Back then, I was only an amateur. And, well, like most bored teenagers/amatuers, they can do dumb stuff and jerk moves. So, because my brain was so small and didn't think straight, I made 4.5 accounts, plus my this one (aka, my REAL account), because of my boredom. And, I'll admit, it was the most immature thing I've ever done. And, yes, after being blocked (the four accounts), I did admit that what I did was wrong, so I wan…

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