• HachuneNova

    Another blog post after Hindi vocaloids so now about vocaloid.

    So, i was on the store and Vocaloid 4 Macne Nana stater pack was 22,500yen and i converted it, it was $265.88 and i was 'Holy fuckin' shit! that's expensive as', and i flipped the absolute fuck out, i was like, 'How am i gonna afford this im still living with my parents and i don't have a debit card yet'.

    The youtube channel titled, addictedtoheroines, said they only paid USD $35 for the Yuzuki Yukari starter pack, so im confused.

    Please tell me cause i am so fucking confused so yeah

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  • XZonafer


    November 4, 2017 by XZonafer

    Welcome to my blog! Chat with me here!

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    Hello people, i can discord server link please?

    Check this:

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  • RilianeLucifendaughterofevil

    Ok, I am writing this while listening to the Miku x Len version of the Story of Evil, which has several songs that will make you cry. So I got an idea: I'm going to list the songs that have made me cry.

    1.  Servant of Evil- Ok I bet some fans didn't cry at the end, but I did!! That ending- LEN-SENPAI FRIGGIN' DIED!!!

    2. Regret Message- Even sadder than the ending of Servant of Evil!! Poor Rin... WHY DID MEIKO AND KAITO KILL LEN-SENPAI!?!?

    3. Re_Birthday- Okay, I only cried because the ending was so freaking HAPPY.  (Okay, Daughter of Evil is the only song in this series where I DIDN'T cry. Don't judge.)

    4. Pretty much any song I've ever listened to where Len-Senpai dies. Which is a lot.

    5. Knife. Especially the Kaito, Luka and Len version. Beca…

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  • Animekyusie

    FANDOM Groups

    October 13, 2017 by Animekyusie

    NOTE: THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT IT IS A QUESTION. DONT GO IN THE COMMENTS AND SAY "Animekyusie, you a a f-cking complainting b-tch. i f--king hate you!"

    So on a wiki, there is groups. And in those groups, there are users. All the users are special but how do you join a group? Admins you should know this

    ok tell me in the comments. i will do my best

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  • Pinkgirl234

    Originally, the title of this blog was "A List of Underrated Vocaloid Producers" but I decided that "A List of Vocaloid Producers Who Need More Recognition" is a much better title plus it might probably be more subjective for people as to how underrated a Vocaloid producer is.

    Okay, now to begin with, millions of Vocaloid songs have been produced over the years that have passed ever since VOCALOID came into existence. Numerous producers have received so much recognition. Big-name producers such as 40meterP, Kikuo, Pinocchio-P, DECO*27, Giga-P, CircusP, Crusher-P, Ghost, EmpathP...we've had heard of these producers numerous times and we have often praised and admired them for how well-made and amazing their works are.

    But there are tons of Vo…

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  • Animekyusie

    I know User:Hoshi598 posted something simular about this but, it is a problem for outside speakers. Vocaloids Such as Hatsune Miku, Tonio, MAIKA and Xin Hua all have something in common, they have different languages for outside speakers other than Japan. Something Vocaloid doesn't have: is multiple languages. Vocaloids have been designed to have a voice AND a language so people outside Japan can join the craze. There are only 4 languages for the voicebanks: Japanese, English, Spainish and Chinese (Mandarin), but where are all the other languages?

    Some Vocaloid songs have different laguages in them such as, Himitsu no Houkago, it has Vietnamese lyrics. And the vocaloid producer, Masa, they use Hindi, Russian and Arabic vocals.

    I would actually…

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  • PrincessDaisyFan99
    1. LEON X LOLA
    2. MIRIAM X Corrin (Male)
    4. Sweet ANN X BIG AL
    5. Hatsune Miku X YOHIOloid (OTP)
    6. Hatsune Miku X Starfy (My Friend Ships It)
    7. Hatsune Miku X Homestar Runner (My Dad Ships It)
    8. Prima X Tonio
    9. Rin X Len (Please Respect My Opinion if you hate Incest)
    10. Rin X Crow T. Robot (MST3K)
    11. Rin X Robo Bonanza (SEGA)
    12. Len X Akita Neru
    13. Len X Tei Sukone
    14. Gakupo X Gumi
    15. Len X Yumemi Nemu
    16. Luka X King K Rool (Nintendo) (Better than Luka X Gakupo)
    17. Luka X Tom Servo (MST3K)
    18. Luka X Bones (Alter/Ego)
    19. SONiKA X Kapp'n (But Kapp'n has a real Wife!)
    20. SONiKA X Homeschool Winner (SONiKA kinda sounds like Marzipan) (Simular to Homestar Runner X Marzipan)
    21. SF-A2 Miki X Utatane Piko
    22. Kaai Yuki X Ryuto
    23. Hiyama Kiyoteru X RUBY
    24. Hiyama Kiyoteru X Kyomachi Seika (Voiceroid)
    25. Hiyama Kiyoteru X Kizaki Airi
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  • HachuneNova

    No info about vocaloid 5 yet but if there is should there be hindi voc's

    let me know in the comments!

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  • HatsuneMikuFan3939

    Hello! Karimah here again! So, I'm kinda writing this mini blog just wondering, if there are any Singaporean Vocaloid Producers out there that have created songs? I kinda need it for my music project and I have searched throughout the internet but to no avail... If you are a Singaporean Vocaloid Producer please message me or DM at Instagram! My instagram account is @nurulkarimah12 if you're wondering!

    Thank you and have a nice day! XD

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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    Inspired by WatchMojo's Top 10 Videos.

    Have you ever imagine if Homestar Runner characters met some Singers?

    Here is some 20 Vocaloids to debut on the Homestar Runner Toon.

    1. Utatane Piko.He Sounds like Homestar Runner, But Didn't have the same Voice Actors. He will be in a Strong Bad Email Episode where Piko meets the Brothers Strong and The Cheat. and Even meet Homestar! The song in The Cheat's Record Player is Piko Piko☆Legend of the Night.
    2. Mew. Imagine if the Hurricane sounds simular to Prima and Mew. She can be in a Toon where Marzipan encounters one of my Favorite Vocaloid3 Japanese Female vocals. She can have a Vocaloid cover of Cool Tapes.
    3. SeeU and UNI. Imagine a Homestar Runner toon where SeeU, Vora, Khylin and UNI teach the Homestar Run…

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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    Have you ever know that if Homestar Runner characters are voiced by Vocaloids in Japan? Here it is! The Homestar Runner characters as Vocaloids!

    Homestar Runner as VY2

    Strong Bad as Gakupo Kamui

    The Cheat as Yumemi Nemu

    Strong Mad as Marie Ork (Alter/Ego)

    Strong Sad as Yohioloid

    Pom Pom as Wil

    Marzipan as VY1

    Coach Z as Fukase

    Bubs as Tonio

    King of Town as Big Al

    Homsar as Nigaito

    Senor Cardage as Macne Papa (Garageband)

    Stinkoman as Kyo

    1-Up as Yuu

    Homeschool Winner as Kaito shion

    Champeen as Otomachi Una

    Preshy as Kagamine Rin

    Rafferty as Kagamine Len

    The Hurricane as Prima

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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    Gakupo Kamui and Homestar Runner

    Tone Rion,Yumemi Nemu and The Brothers Strong and The Cheat

    Nekomura Iroha and Pom Pom

    Gumi and Marzipan (Because I ship Gumi with Gakupo better than Gakupo X Luka)

    Fukase and Coach Z (Even though Coach Z sounds like Fukase)

    Otomachi Una and Bubs

    Anon and Kanon and The Sad Kids

    Hiyama Kiyoteru and Senor Cardage (Kaai Yuki's Sensei and Strong Bad's most wanted Dad!)

    Yohioloid and Homeschool Winner

    Ruby and Champeen

    Oliver and Kaai Yuki and Preshy and Rafferty

    Cyber Diva and The Hurricane

    If Mike and Matt Chapman know about Vocaloid. Maybe there will be a Future April Fools vocaloid known as Limozeen, Sloshy or Strong Bad.

    I wanted some of my Favorite Vocaloids to do a japanese cover on each Homestar Runner songs!

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  • Mikuhatsune123


    July 31, 2017 by Mikuhatsune123
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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    Yohioloid as Homestar Runner

    Gackpoid as Strong Bad

    Ryuto as The Cheat

    Macne Papa as Strong Mad

    Yowane Haku as Strong Sad

    Kaito as Pom Pom

    Hatsune Miku as Marzipan

    Fukase as Coach Z

    Big Al as Bubs

    Nigaito(The Green Shion Brother) as Homsar

    Hagane Rin and Len as The Sad Kids

    Taito(The Purple Shion Brother) as Senor Cardage

    KYO as Stinkoman

    YUU as 1-Up

    WIL as Pan Pan

    Galaco as 20X6 Marzipan

    Yuzuki Yukari as Cheerleader

    Megurine Luka as So and So

    V3/V4 Flower as What's Her Face

    Cyber Diva as The Ugly One

    Utatane Piko as Sci-Fi Greg

    Tonio as D n' D Greg

    Cyber Songman as Open Source Greg

    Hiyama Kiyoteru as Japanese Culture Greg

    VY2 as Homeschool Winner

    VY1 as Champeen

    Kagamine Rin and Len as Preshy and Rafferty

    Meiko as The Hurricane

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  • Myfriendsarerobots

    I'm so excited!! Happy Birthday Megpoid a.k.a. Gumi!

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  • SakuraKitsune92

    Masa Streamed Last Night And Its A Commercial To His New Song!!!

    It's Called "Rondon Slag Patuy Hi" Or Something Like That And It Shows Miku In A Cafe Outfit!

    If You Don't Believe Me, Here's The Link: [1]

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  • LayetriP

    Big News!

    June 13, 2017 by LayetriP

    Reprint of

    Hey guys!

    Today, after months of hard work, we announce to you that Layetri’s new album is actually a thing! In this blog post, you’ll find all the details and other fun stuff.

    Let’s start with some general information on the album. Our new little piece of art is called “147” and will be released on July 14, 2017. It features 11(!) new or remastered/remade Layetri songs, including our new self-proclaimed all-time masterpieces “Goranyo” and “Last Song”. A full list of songs that are on the album is only a few scrollwheel moves away.

    Other stuff you’ll need to know: This album won’t be fully available to listen to for free. By that I mean that most songs won’t be available on SoundCloud, bu…

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  • Dizzyzebra
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  • Kajiki

    Nearly three years later, here's a list of ~40% of named Vocaloids:

    Maika / Meiko / miki / Miku

    Len / Leon / Ling / Rana / Rin / Ring / Rion / (Anri) Rune

    (Sweet) Ann / anon / Avanna / Nana

    Yumemi (Nemu) / Yuu / Uni (Yuni) / Una

    Yuki / Yukari

    Mayu / Mew (Miu)

    Lola / Lorra

    Kyo / Kiyoteru

    Cocorobo / kokone

    Chika / Sachiko

    I ship CUL with Arsloid and Fukase.

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  • PrincessDaisyFan99


    MIRIAM X Corrin (Male) (Fire Emblem)


    Sweet ANN X Big AL

    Hatsune Miku X Yohioloid (OTP)

    Hatsune Miku X Starfy

    Kagamine Rin X Robo Bonanza (Bonanza Bros)

    Kagamine Len X Akita Neru

    Kagamine Rin X Kagamine Len (To People who hate Incest couples. I.Respect.Your.Opinion)

    Prima X Tonio

    Gakupo X Meggupo (Gumi) (OTP, Better than Gakupo X Luka)

    Megurine Luka X King K Rool (Donkey Kong Country) (Crack OTP)

    SONiKA X Kapp'n (Animal Crossing) (SONiKA will turn into a female Kappa if she dated Kapp'n)

    SF-A2 Miki X Utatane Piko (Better than Iroha X Piko)

    Kaai Yuki X Ryuto

    Hiyama Kiyoteru X RUBY (Ruby is a Vocaloid Character ya know :3)

    Lily X Kyo

    VY1 X VY2

    MEW X Wil

    SeeU X ZeeU

    Tone Rion X Fukase

    OLIVER X Otomachi Una

    Cul X Nagareboshi Yue (UTAUXYZ,St…

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  • Rinandlen4lyfe
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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    If nintendo fuses with yamaha to make a Mike voicebank......

    Name: Mike

    Gender: Male

    Voice: English: Seth Rogan (The man who voiced frank from sausage party) Japanese: Atsushi Hashimoto

    Company: Nintendo

    Language: Japanese, English

    Code: NV01

    Affiliation: YAMAHA Corporation, Nintendo

    Character Interface:

    Demonstration Song: Mike's Song(Reprise known as: My name is mike, First nintendo vocaloid) (Ft.VY1,Gumi,Miku,CyberDiva,KaitoEnglish,Cybersongman,Dex,Fukaseenglish)

    Lyrics to the demo song:

    VY1 Gumi Miku CyberDiva: Go! Go! Go! Go! Mike! (2x)

    Mike: My name is Mike, come on, let's robo-karaoke

    CyberSongman Kaito Dex Fukase: Rock the mic! (2x)

    Mike: Get up on the stage and sing a little ditty for me!

    CyberSongman Kaito Dex Fukase: Rock the mic! (2x)

    Mike: Of…

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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    Silver As LEON

    Blaze As LOLA

    Tikal The Echnida As MIRIAM

    Lori Loud As MEIKO

    Lazy Larry As KAITO

    Yuki Yoshida As Sweet Ann

    Penny Fitzgerald As Hatsune Miku

    Lincoln Loud As Kagamine Len

    Lynn Loud As Kagamine Rin

    Nicole As Prima

    Patrick Fitzgerald As Gackpo

    Momoko Asuka As Megurine Luka

    Mrs. Fitzgerald As Gumi

    Onpu Segawa As SONiKA

    Aiko Senoo As SF-A2 MIKI

    Anais As Kaai Yuki

    Mr.Small As Hiyama Kiyoteru

    Mr.Yoshida As Big Al

    Richard As Tonio

    Zakuro Fujiwara As Lily

    Hana Makihatayama As VY1

    Darwin As Ryuto

    Doremi Harukase As Nekomura Iroha

    Tetsuya Kotake As Utatane Piko

    Rob/Dr.Wrecker As VY2

    Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune As Mew

    Hazuki Fujiwara As SeeU

    Masami Yoshida As Tone Rion

    Clyde McBride As OLIVER

    Buttercup (PPGZ) As CUL

    Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury As Yuzuki Yukari

    Nick Wil…

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  • Oiribem

    Old vocaloids (V2)

    February 26, 2017 by Oiribem

    Hi everybody, i was wondering, how it could be if Vocaloid producers make a "remasterization" of their V2 VB and bring it back to V4 such as Sweet Ann who is my favorite femenine english VB, her voice is very soft, in the idea, maybe it would be great to have a power or an Rock Ann with Growl and a more powerfull voice like Meiko Power or Maika, revive MIRIAM maybe an Original VB, Tonio i think its ok with that voice style, Big Al omg he was one of the most loved from V2. I am not very shure what do people think about Prima's voice, usually i dont use her because her voice style is more suitable for opera sweet/slow songs. Another idea, its make an Job-plugin "retro". During many months i was imaginating how it would be Vocaloid if Voctro …

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  • Kailey-void

    Let's Talk

    February 19, 2017 by Kailey-void

    Notice: I am NOT trying to make this a spam page, I just need to use something in order to get a feel for the wiki. Sorry in advance should this fall under said category.

    I'm trying out this blog to see how it works for when l use it in the future. Please give me info if you have any! (Rules, guidelines, and the like would also be appreciated)

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  • MagnoliaUTAU

    Profile Image

    February 14, 2017 by MagnoliaUTAU

    Guess What, I Have A New Profile Image! It Is UNI

    Do You Guys Like It?????????????

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  • Angel Emfrbl

    Top Vocaloids of 2016...

    February 10, 2017 by Angel Emfrbl

    Its a month late... I usually aim to do this in Jan, but I had really mixed feelings right at the end of 2016 because of XSY. I haven't looked at my older listed as I write this, I'll add links to them afterwards. I just want to see how things progressed.

    As usual their divided into 3 groups, my favourite, my "meh" list and least favourite.

    So as usual, apart from the top 3 Vocaloids, none of them are in order, I just liked the over others.

    1. Tonio
    2. Big Al
    3. Macne Nana - no change, I'm pretty settled on these 3.
    • Kaito - Still a pretty strong and stand out vocal among the Japanese vocaloids.
    • Bruno - Its a shame the Spanish Vocaloids seem to be doing naught right now... :-/
    • Yukari - I'm starting to like her vocal...
    • Songman
    • Fukase
    • Daina
    • VY2

    These are, as us…

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  • Angel Emfrbl

    A little bit of a talk

    February 10, 2017 by Angel Emfrbl

    One of the legacy of drama over Miku's design is that people don't like their work being said too be too "Miku-esque". I tried to explain to someone earlier this year that a character they designed showed clear Miku influences, but they had 3 other influences that weren't showing up in the design enough. Its really hard to communicate over an idea, when I was simply trying to point out that their other influences BESIDES Miku simply needed to be more present to stop the character looking like a Miku clone with pink hair... :-/

    It wasn't the pigtails, as I tried to explain, it was the outfit to, I also tried to explain that even within Vocaloid there was issues with this with Stardust and Ring. Funny thing is, I just tried to explain that …

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  • Marlicious

    My Welcome Day!

    February 7, 2017 by Marlicious

    Hi! I have a new account here! You may see me if you wanna check my YouTube account! I do have an Instagram and here it is! mattjuntilla OK I see I have to go I'l make another one! Bye!

    So cute! Like it? I made it by myself!

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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    Yan Xi From MUTA

    February 1, 2017 by PrincessDaisyFan99

    I Found This Video Underrated.....

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  • MagnoliaUTAU

    Mean Girls

    January 17, 2017 by MagnoliaUTAU

    Please don't be mean (Ps. Who Is Your Favourite Mean Girls Character? Pps. Do You Like Mean Girls)

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  • Atsuko-Regalia

    I've recently found out about Rion's update to V4, new Vocaloid Yumemi Nemu, and voice provider Nemu Yumemi. And I've gotta say, I'm not too happy.

    While I do like that an unloved Vocaloid like Rion is getting an update, I don't like how they completely changed her design. I'm okay if you change the outfit, and I'm okay if they change the hairstyle. They did both when they updated flower, and you could still tell it was flower. But with Rion, we go from purple hair to light orange and purple eyes to blue. If you showed me her new design without telling me it was a Rion update, I would have thought that it was an entirely new Vocaloid, and then I would've probably slapped you when you told me it was Tone Rion.

    As for the upcoming Yumemi Nemu,…

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  • 763492


    January 1, 2017 by 763492

    Hey Voclaoid wikia people! It's New Years Day, you what this means, right?


    Comment down your new year's revloution here please.

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  • NebulousViper

    UTAU Release - Ser0

    January 1, 2017 by NebulousViper

    Happy New Year! It's 2017!!! And what better way to kick off the new year than to release the 2nd UTAU of our group: Ser0!

    She is an English vocalist! There is also support in making her sing in Spanish as well! Please take a look at her debut video! You can download her voicebank through the video's description!

    The staff hopes you enjoy listening to and/or using Ser0! It's been a long journey for her voice provider, who worked on her voicebank for a very long time. She put so much effort into producing Ser0 and we're all so proud of her!

    Debut video for Ser0

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  • Midori Gurin (chan)
    • Deep breathes*

    Okay. so I'm probably WAY WAY too new and dumb to even try to edit a single article. So I turn to the community for help! 

    What should I know as someone who wants to get into Vocaloid?

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  • NebulousViper

    For other editors to reference. Quick checklist of things that need to be done. I currently can't edit due to weak WiFi and I'm leaving soon. I can help clean things up if needed. Here's the things that are missing:

    • Vocaloid Wiki:Sandbox/Tone Rion V4
    • Tone Rion V4 (REDIRECT PAGE)
    • Vocaloid Wiki:Sandbox/Yumemi Nemu
    • Vocaloid Wiki:Sandbox/Yumemi Nemu (VOCALOID4) (Reminder: Nemu does have a demo available, so please include that)
    • Yumemi Nemu (REDIRECT PAGE)
    • Yumemi Neumi (VOCALOID4) (REDIRECT PAGE)
    • Artist entry for Yukiko Horiguchi; drew both Nemu and Rion V4
    • Voice provider entry for Nemu Yumemi; voiced both Nemu and Rion V4
    • Consider a separate gallery page for MoeJapan/Dear Stage? If not, keep them under YAMAHA I suppose. Add Rion V4 and Nemu's characte…
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  • NebulousViper

    2017 logo final round! Winning VOCALOIDs for English and Japanese are Daina and Otomachi Una! This round is for choosing the official art to use for the logo. Please copy and paste the links to view the images.

    Please read VOCALOID-ALLSTARS journal for more information about this poll.

    Deadline is December 31, 2016.


    Which DAINA image should be used?

    • (4 votes)
    • (21 votes)

    Which Una image should be used?

    • (4 votes)
    • (9 votes)
    • (0 votes)
    • http://vocaloid.wik…
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  • MeerkatQueen

    This is a list of VOCALOID voicebanks with [br1] - [br5] phonetics.
    See Also: Misc Phonetics

    Please note we are waiting for more information on some voicebanks

    Only MEIKO and KAITO have this function as [*in] and [*out]

    All voicebanks except Sweet_Ann, Tonio, and Sonika

    • Oliver
    • Megpoid_Native
    • MIKU_V3_Original
    • MIKU_V3_Soft
    • MIKU_V3_Solid
    • MIKU_V3_Sweet
    • MIKU_V3_Dark
    • MIKU_V3_Light
    • MIKU_V3_Vivid
    • MEIKO_V3_Dark
    • MEIKO_V3_Power
    • MEIKO_V3_Straight
    • MEIKO_V3_Whisper

    • LUKA_V4X_Hard
    • LUKA_V4X_Hard_EVEC
    • LUKA_V4X_Soft
    • LUKA_V4X_Soft_EVEC
    • RIN_V4X_Power_EVEC
    • RIN_V4X_Warm
    • RIN_V4X_Sweet
    • LEN_V4X_Power_EVEC
    • LEN_V4X_Cold
    • LEN_V4X_Serious
    • MIKU_V4X_Original_EVEC
    • MIKU_V4X_Soft_EVEC
    • MIKU_V4X_Solid_EVEC
    • MIKU_V4X_Sweet
    • MIKU_V4X_Dark
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  • NebulousViper

    2017 Logo polls part two! Winning VOCALOIDs for Spanish and Mandarin are Clara and Stardust! This round is for English and Japanese VOCALOIDs only

    Please read VOCALOID-ALLSTARS journal for more information about this poll.

    Deadline is December 24th, 2016.

    RESULTS: Pick an English VOCALOID4 (Dex is excluded for being in the 2016 logo)

    • CYBER DIVA with 4 votes
    • RUBY with 9 votes
    • DAINA with 19 votes
    • CYBER SONGMAN with 8 votes

    Pick an Internet Co VOCALOID

    • Camui Gackpo with 4 votes
    • Gumi V4 with 5 votes
    • Lily V3 with 1 vote
    • Ryuto V3 with 1 vote
    • Cul with 2 votes
    • Kokone with 12 votes
    • Chika with 1 vote
    • Una with 15 votes
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  • DianceTheGemPrincess

    So, yes, Rin & Len are my favorite Vocaloids. So Im looking for songs/covers with their vocals. Also my favorite song by Rin/Len is ""F*** You" lol.

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  • NebulousViper

    2017 Logo polls cannot include: DEX, MEIKO, MAIKA, YANHE, Miku (Default), SeeU (only Korean VOCALOID released).

    Please read VOCALOID-ALLSTARS journal for more information about this poll.

    Deadline is December 10th, 2016.


    Pick a generation for English VOCALOIDs.

    • VOCALOID2 with 8 votes
    • VOCALOID3 with 14 votes
    • VOCALOID4 with 23 votes

    Pick a company for Japanese VOCALOIDs.

    • Crypton Future Media with 5 votes
    • Internet Co. Ltd with 18 votes
    • AH-Software with 4 votes
    • YAMAHA/Bplats with 9 votes
    • i-Style Project with 3 votes
    • MI7 Japan Inc. with 2 votes
    • Other with 5 votes

    Pick a Spanish VOCALOID.

    • Bruno with 11 votes
    • Clara with 24 votes
    • Ona with 3 votes

    Pick a Mandarin Chinese VOCALOID.

    • Luo Tianyi with 11 votes
    • Xin Hua with 2 votes
    • Yuezheng Ling with 8 votes
    • Stardust w…

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  • Hatsune Miku-Dono

    Hatsune Miku

    November 26, 2016 by Hatsune Miku-Dono
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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    LeonXLola (Leola)

    MiriamXCorrin (Fire Emblem) (Corriam)
    MEIKOXKAITO (Meikait)
    SweetANNXBigAL (ALANN)
    HatsuneMikuXYOHIOloid (Yohiku)
    KagamineRinXKagamineLen (RiLe)
    PrimaXTonio (Primonio)
    GackpoidXMegpoid (MegGackt)
    MegurineLukaXKingKRool (Donkey Kong Country) (LuKRool)
    SONiKAXKapp'n (Animal Crossing) (SONiKapp'n)
    MikiXPiko (Pikoki)
    YukiXRyuto (Ryuki)
    KiyoteruXRuby (KIYUBY)
    LilyXKyo (KYOLY)
    IrohaXYuu (Yuuroha)
    SeeUXUsee (Genderbent Couple?) (Korean Shipping)
    RionXFukase (Fukarion)
    CULXNagareboshiYue (UTAU) (CULYUE)
    Yuzuki YukariXEnergizer Bunny (ENERGIZER FRANCHISE) (BatteryBunnyBabe)
    BrunoXClara (Brunalra)
    IAXTakahashi (CeVio) (TAKAI)
    AokiLapisXChibiRobo (Chibi Robo) (Aokibo)
    Luo TianyiXSin…

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  • FellowFan

    hey i made a google slides that ppl can edit. gonna put my faith in ppl and hope for no vandalism.

    i will do a slide or two myself for examples/templates. hope ppl enjoy!(?) ^_^

    edit: i forgot i made this lol. i went on today and it was just like 'you all are weeaboos'. thank goodness for google history! 

    to the person that i guess wanted to make it about mascots that's....not really what it was for?? its meant to be for producers / artists.

    again plz no vandalism

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  • Rahkshimaster999

    "Well huzzah for you, then, living a life where you can give a reason for everything, must be difficult to have to deal with all of us all the time..."

      -Rahkshimaster999, 2016

    So I'm back after a frustrating amount of time. My apologies to Employee427, who asked me a question last post. For some reason the Wikia isn't allowing me to add comments on that particular post so it looked like I ignored you. My bad! Anyways, let's see what I spout off today and hope something that makes sense comes out. Before I begin, none of the non-Wikia links are sites that belong to me so don't ask questions aimed at me on said sites because nobody will know what you're talking about.

    I like card games. I'm about to go play a card game right now, in fact, so …

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  • Angel Emfrbl

    Choatic last 72 hours

    November 17, 2016 by Angel Emfrbl

    I've had the most chaotic 72 hours... I'm not going to detail them, but I'll give you a taste.

    Today I stopped into my local opticians. I said I had a brown web spiderweb effect in my eyes an had had it constantly appearing on and off for 2 weeks. 5 hours later I ended up in A&E being told its likely not important, which I knew.

    Long story short, they played "pass the patient", slowly passing me down the line until I got to A&E. As we said to the doctor at the hospital, we (my mother was driving me from stop to stop as I had met up with her) didn't want to end up there, but nobody would spend 5 minutes to look at my eyes. They just kept saying "go here". It wasn't a real emergency,I was just off loaded onto someone else. Reason? They w…

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  • MeerkatQueen

    Very Important Poll

    November 16, 2016 by MeerkatQueen

    This is a serious question.

    Read more >
  • LayetriP

    I'm angry as hell

    November 13, 2016 by LayetriP

    I'm done with this site.

    For real.

    My PR guy Pascal just messaged me about deletion of pages. If complete, finished songs aren't allowed on this stupid website, then what is? If you can tell me what it is that you try to achieve by sticking to a non-publication policy, please do so.

    No, seriously. What is it that makes you turn down all the good guys? I get that you want to be some elitist platform in the Vocaloid community, but come on: you can't! The Vocaloid community is a place for fans to unite, to share information with eachother. Vocaloid is something everyone can use, not just a select few. Not just some well-known musicians can create great songs, I can do that too. But if you don't even give a chance to people to let the world know t…

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  • LayetriP

    Hey guys!

    It's finally here: official Release Announcement day :D. And man, we have a whole lot to announce!

    First of all, the thing you're all quite aware of by now: Layetri's new album will be released on December 1st, 2016! It's official now :D. We as a team worked hard the past months to deliver you a great album (I myself have been working on these songs for about a year now, so I guess it's time for change now lol). However, unlike stated in the previous posts about it, the album 500001 will first be released as an EP version. Before you go and ragequit, notice the word first in the sentence. But wait, will there be a second album? you might ask yourself. And yes, there will be a second album. We decided that, in order to deliver you the be…

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