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  • "Blood and Wine"
Uploaded May 18, 2015 (album release date)
  • A Maya


"Blood and Wine" is an original song by A Maya featuring SONiKA and GUMI. This song is featured in A Maya's album, Grey Skies.


I want to hear you say that you love me, oh - 
The only thing that I long for. 
Ah, words that taste of blood - 
Words that taste of wine. 

How can I love you 
But hate you 
All the same? 
If the knife falls 
On you, 
Let it fall on me. 

Cut me open and tell me you 
Hate me. 
All this pain reminds me that I'm alive 
And that I still love you. 

It feels so good - 

The way you 
Take my soul, 
Drinking from my life 
'Til I die 
In your place. 

One day, I'll wake up 
But for now, 
I will sleep. 
So take my life, 
Take my pain - 
Free me from your name. 

Words that taste of blood - 
Words that taste of wine.

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