僕が名前を呼ぶ日 / 私が恋を知る日 (The Day When I Call Your Name/The Day When I Know Love) is the 6th Vocaloid album produced by HoneyWorks. It features 2 new songs from the Confession Executive Committee Love Series serving as a sequel to "Yakimochi no Kotae"  that center around Akari Hayasaka and Souta Mochizuki. Both songs are sung by GUMI. The crossfade for the album can be seen on the HoneyWorks Youtube and Niconico accounts.

It was released on December 31, 2015 for Comiket 89.

Released December 31, 2015
Producer HoneyWorks
Price ¥ 2,280
Illust. Yamako
Label Independent
Track list
1. 僕が名前を呼ぶ日
Boku ga Namae wo Yobu Hi
2. 私が恋を知る日
Watashi ga Koi wo Shiru Hi

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