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  • "Break the Mirror"
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  • IrisFlower


This song is inspired by all those times my friends made me play those “Bloody Mary” games when I was young. Thanks you guys...because I want to spend my spare time trying to summon an evil spirit that wants to do me bodily harm...yup.
— IrisFlower

"Break the Mirror" is an original Megurine Luka song that is based off of the modern ritual of "Bloody Mary", a legend where an individual conjures the image of Bloody Mary in the mirror when her name is chanted in a dimly-lit room. In the song, a demon tricks people into playing a game in order to release it. When the demon's released, it eats the "gullible fool" who set it free from the mirror it was trapped in.


Let me out
Chant the spell
Yes I can tell
You are not like the others

They all think, “It's just a game.”
You are not the same
Please set me free!

I've been stuck here by myself
With nobody else
Did nothing to deserve

This; But now that you are here
I've nothing to fear
I'll be out soon

I've been waiting
Always praying
For this day to come along

Finish the spell
Hurry up!
Cause I just wanna
Get out of here!

Let me out
Don't be scared
A breath of fresh air
Is all that I desire

Once I'm free
I'll be leaving in peace
And you won't ever be
Seeing me again

It'll be alright
I know you might
Have never expected this

But fate has led you to me
So please
I'm begging you, do it,
Set me free!

Such a sweet human
(How kind you've been to me)
Can't find others like this
(And I just can't believe)
I'll have to find, too,
(You'd trust someone like me)
A way of thanking you
(With little hesitation)

No, but tell me please,
(You cannot call for help)
Did you honestly think that I was-?
(You've brought this on yourself)
Yes, let me thank you!

You poor gullible fool.

Thanks so much~
Because you see
I was really hungry
Hadn't eaten in a while

Such a sweet human and you
Were scrumptious too
What a lovely meal~!

They all think it's just a game
You're all the same, yes,
Set. Me. Free.

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