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My shining angel
Song title
"Bright Town"
Uploaded February 7, 2016, with 230+ views
Megurine Luka
YouTube Broadcast

Background Edit

"Bright Town" is an original English song featuring Megurine Luka. The singer refers to herself as a miraculous light that is in need of miracle, itself.

Lyrics Edit

You saw the whole
My life, a quiet field
The whole world a blur
Bright town, I'm shining bright
Holding hands
But there's nothing at all
She is with the sun
We wait, I'm feeling
And I know now, and I know now, and I know now, and I know now

A savior
Because I was light
Feel the whole world shine
For you
You shine so bright
I need a miracle
Sometimes I wanna get away
I'm rising up again
I awake, now I'm fast awake

You are the sun
Sunshine a warm
The world is bright
Bright Town, I'm shining bright
Glowing sun, glow long
The days are long
It still lives inside
While I light shine down

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