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"COLOR" is an original English song featuring OLIVER. It tells the story of a boy who is forced to choose between two of his friends. After their fourth friend was killed, the boy's remaining friends began to blame one another, growing to hate each other and separate. They force the boy to choose, but because he cannot, he chooses to end his life instead of facing them.


I couldn't see how it changed
The clock's ticking stopped
The colors swirling around ended

Falling to the floor
I hated this

My breath no longer comes
You can't judge this feeling
these colors
I can't forget what you said
Under darkness
behind those eyes
Shan't lose my colors too

「Why did you fall apart like that?」

I finally saw the change
I couldn't hear you
That color stood up for me, again
What was I to say?
Left all alone
Colors fall on your grave

Between you, I cannot
Cannot chose
How could you fall for that trap?
COLORS fall down
far from your face
Why won't your eyes open?

You were then taken away
No COLOR at all
In crimson dyed grey within you stood
I now have it all
Alone, just me
The only thing you left

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