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CUL (カル) is a Japanese VOCALOID developed and distributed by Internet Co., Ltd., and was created in collaboration with VOCALO Revolution. CUL is VOCALO Revolution mascot character and she was released as a VOCALOID in December 2011 for the VOCALOID3 engine. Her voice is provided by Japanese female voice actress and singer, Eri Kitamura (喜多村英梨; Kitamura Eri). She is a "Character Voice" type vocal.


Originally, CUL was released without background information. However, the information was posted for her in 2013 when she was featured in a special event.[1]

CUL was first introduced as the mascot for the show, VOCALO Revolution.


The name "CUL" has double meanings, short for "culture" and "Culnoza", a collaborative group organized by Hiroto-P.

Examples of UsageEdit

There are a list of songs featuring the VOCALOID CUL (カル). Songs listed here may have CUL singing as the main singer, or as a backup. VOCALOID CUL is featured in 23 Songs and on 15 Albums- on this wiki. For notable songs by statistical views see the Songs featuring CUL page. And for song listings, see these pages for Originals and Covers.


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Romaji — CUL | Favicon-nico Favicon-youtube Favicon-bilibili
Written — カル | Favicon-nico Favicon-youtube Favicon-bilibili

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White Knight
Featuring CUL
Author(s) EmpathP
Category Original song
Romaji/English Furaan Furaaan ~Zombie~
Featuring CUL, GUMI
Author(s) Nem
Category Original song
FREYJA.sys ~システム・フレイヤ~
Romaji/English FREYJA.sys ~System Freyja~
Featuring CUL, GUMI
Author(s) kaoling
Category Original song
Featuring CUL
Author(s) DIOsama-P
Category Original song

Additional informationEdit


She was introduced in "CUL makes Revolution!". CUL was featured in the show's introduction, the PV "白の季節" and the closing credits of the show. CUL was also the mascot of "CUL project; offical", a website designed to promote making her official. Stickers featuring her were also released on sale.[2] The MMD model used in her PVs, such as "CUL makes Revolution!", was later released. She also appeared alongside 秋元結衣 in a music video that later made it to DVD.

See also: CUL/Marketing and VOCALOID in other media


  • Like Lily before her, CUL was not part of Internets' "poid" series.


CUL's character status

Since CUL's existence as a VOCALOID is owed to her fans, CUL already had an established fandom prior to becoming a VOCALOID. She has had much support and publicity within the Japanese fandom which resulted in her overall positive reception. This made her one of the more popular releases for VOCALOID3 at the time.

CUL's popularity kept increasing after her release, according to Google Trends it peaked on June 2012. Afterwards she gradually lost popularity in the closing months of the VOCALOID3 era, she was overall less popular then before her release.

  • First VOCALOID3 by INTERNET Co., Ltd.
  • Hosting VOCALO Revolution
  • Performing with a live singer in a music video


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