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CYBER DIVA is an English VOCALOID developed and distributed by YAMAHA JPN, she was released in February 2015 for the VOCALOID4 engine. In March 2015 on Instagram, an American singer, theater actress, and model that went by the name of Jenny Shima claimed that she was the voice provider for CYBER DIVA.[1][2]


Originally a male and female VY English pair were confirmed for English Vocaloid soon after the release of VY2 in 2010.[3] CYBER DIVA was confirmed to be the English female VY vocal "VY3".[4]


Her name, "CYBER DIVA", has not been explained by her developers. It is currently unknown how she received the name.

"Diva" is used as a loanword in English to describe females, generally singers, who reach idol status or consider themselves as important. It is a descriptive word that can also be used as a girl's name, which is borrowed from archaic Italian, originally meaning "goddess".

Due to the origin of the word "Diva", the name can have more than one meaning when read. It can also be seen as a play on words.


As part of the VY series, CYBER DIVA follows similar ideals to past VY vocals VY1 and VY2. These Vocaloids are designed with the intention of being able to freely manipulate the Vocaloid to how a producer wants.

It is speculated that because YAMAHA was aiming for the Western audience and looking for a more professional look, YAMAHA opted to use a simple photo as an avatar, without a character concept behind it (similar to Zero-G's Prima and Tonio).


Music featuring CYBER DIVAEdit

  • CYBER DIVA is featured in 49 songs and 8 albums on this wiki.
  • There are listings for notable, original, and cover songs.

Examples of usage

Korozashisakae's Mysterious Package
Romaji/English Korozashisakae's Mysterious Package
Featuring YOHIOloid and CYBER DIVA
Producers Marz Mitzi
Category Original song
Don't Go
Romaji/English Don't Go
Featuring CYBER DIVA
Producers uaja
Category Original song
Romaji/English Sympathy
Featuring CYBER DIVA
Producers PIO
Category Original song
Romaji/English Escape
Featuring CYBER DIVA
Producers daebak
Category Original song
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Additional informationEdit


She is targeted towards the American market as a professional producer VOCALOID.


  • Viewing the source for her introduction page reveals the hidden message "Please enjoy Vocaloid!".[5]
  • Despite common misconceptions about her that occurred when she was first released, BIG AL was the first American accented VOCALOID, as his voice provider (Frank S.) was also American.


CYBER DIVA's character status

CYBER DIVA gained the no.1 "Hot New Releases in Recording Virtual Instruments Software" on when released for sale


Cyber Diva was well received upon unveiling and her demo "Athena" reached over 100,000+ views, putting the demo on par with Oliver and Yohioloid. Her demo reached this amount within 3 months of being posted, making it the fastest English only demo to reach this amount.[6]

  • First newly introduced VOCALOID4
  • First English VOCALOID4
  • First native English VOCALOID produced by YAMAHA
  • First native English VOCALOID to be produced for Mac
  • First female native English VOCALOID to be available for Mac
  • First English VOCALOID from the VY series
  • First VY VOCALOID to not have "VY" written as their name
  • First English vocal to have a app release


Do you like CYBER DIVA?

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What characteristic of CYBER DIVA do you like?

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External linksEdit

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