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Aruba Marcelo Antopia Navarro, better known as CYO Style, is an experienced amateur Mexican musician known for doing mainly romantic themed electronica and ballad songs. After testing the VOCALOID software he quickly began to create songs with it, becoming a well-known producer in the Western fandom, particularly among the Spanish fans.

His works includes original songs, covers and remixes.

STATUS:January 15, 2012 → Active
Cyostyle's logo
GENRE:Techno, Dance, Ballad
OFFICIAL:Website: Cyostyle
URL(s)Channel: YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud
Facebook Twitter
PLAYLIST(s):(YouTube list)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Más que Nada" (Clara) (Jan.15.2012)
  2. "¿Quieres ser mi novia?" (Bruno, Clara) (Mar.14.2012)
  3. "Saihate - Future Remix" (Yukari) (Apr.25.2012)
  4. "Let's go Fly" (Clara) (May.30.2012)
  5. "Demasiado Fuerte" (Clara) (Jun.12.2012)
  6. "Un Día de Amistad" (Clara) (Jul.22.2012)
  7. "Un Solo Corazón" (Bruno) (Aug.24.2012)
  8. "En tu mirar" (MAIKA) (Sep.12.2013)
  9. "Que decida el corazón" (MAIKA) (Dec.15.13)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

Más que Nada

Uploaded Jan.15.2012 Featuring Clara
Music CYO Style Main article Más que Nada
Lyrics CYO Style
Video Mydri (illust), CYO Style (video)

¿Quieres ser mi Novia?

Uploaded Apr.25.2012 Featuring Bruno, Clara
Music CYO Style Main article ¿Quieres ser mi Novia?
Lyrics CYO Style
Video Mydri (illust), CYO Style (video)

Un día de Amistad

Uploaded Jul.22.2012 Featuring Clara
Music CYO Style Main article Un día de Amistad
Lyrics Saki
Video Maylet P. (illust), CYO Style (video)

En tu mirar

Uploaded Sep.12.2013 Featuring MAIKA
Music CYO Style Main article En tu mirar
Lyrics CYO Style
Video Akuo
Official demonstration.

Que decida el corazón

Uploaded Dec.15.2013 Featuring MAIKA
Music CYO Style Main article Que decida el corazón
Lyrics CYO Style
Video bakyaan, Noririn (illust)
Official demonstration.


Electro Bomb
Title Electro Bomb    
Producer CYO Style  
Release Date October 18, 2014  

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