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  • "Carnes"
  • English: Flesh
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Someday I'd like to go where nobody knows what I am
and i'd like to be quiet quiet as i can
Maybe I'll be safer there where nobody knows what I am
and what i can do
while I wander the vacant streets of my mind

carnes nostrae
saliens in insaniam
lux et omnia
de plateis

carnes consumens
reptando per noctem
amittere te
in hoc omnium fun


So, if everything were to DIE, would we survive?
Or be reborn any TIME to find out the big surprise?
The world keeps spinning AROUND
Am I to blame, for all these tragedies?
Don't make me laugh!

carnes nostrae
dissolubilis rubro
et super annis
utrescit auferet

carnes consumens
saecula saeculorum
gustat horrendum
sed similis est

This is all our flesh
jumping into insanity
Light and everything
coming from the alleys

Eating all our flesh
Rolling 'round in moonlight hours
You lose everything
in the alleys of fun!

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