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Note: A set with this marker, (※) means repeat the whole set of lyrics before going onto the next set. Each set has its own marker style, so it doesn't mean repeat the amount of single markers seen.

Laa laa
Laa laa
She's on my mind all the time
And that's fine (※)

Sometimes I recall
All the days when you were small
Then I close my eyes
And poof I'm back again

There's a storm overhead
Raining back down
All of these tears rain on me

I could shut them out
I could face them all
Or I could run away
Tail between my legs

There's a cat living in my brain
She must be sad 'cause she makes it rain
So sad- like me
So she- rains above
My head- the tears she can't make
Soaks my mind up (※※)

This could follows me everywhere
Raining endlessly, crying so sadly
Like taking a step from Tomorrows Town
Take a step back around all you see

She's up there, in my mind
Crying like me
Why's she so lonely? (※※※)

Repeat (※※※)

There's a cloud hanging over my head
And inside there's a cat living instead
She watches me screw up my life
And inside her tiny mind is a sad time for now

Repeat (※)

So sad- like me
Can't we- make it better?
I won't shut them out
I will face them all
And I won't run away-

Tail between my legs
Drip dropping (Drip dropping)
Rain splatters (Rain splatters)
All along my mind and life

There's a cat living in my brain
She must be sad 'cause she makes it rain
There's a cloud hanging over me
And she's my Cat in a RainCloud

Repeat (※※)

So sad- like me
And she's on my mind

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