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Contribute by adding Video links~! See Thread:56666 for discussions.
Contribute: by using this template!
*{{SongID |Title |Producer |Singer |Link}}
| nn = Niconico Video | yt = YouTube | bb = bilibili | pp = piapro
| sc = SoundCloud | sc em = SoundCloud embed
| 5s = 5SING | mz = Muzie | vm = vimeo | tm = TmBox
| etc = Et cetera/Other parameter
  1. Read the Song list article and the SongID documentation.
  2. Never remove ' Originals ' from a listing,- only remove ' Covers ' with unavailable links.
  3. ' Do ' link existing song pages from Original song listings.
  4. ' Do Not ' link existing song pages from Cover song listings.
  5. ' Do Not ' link Producers, Vocaloids, or other Synth programs from any listings.

.See the Song list (quality control) project page, to see how to make helpful improvements to these pages.


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