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Song title
  • "Check It Out"
Uploaded 2003
  • Joe Hogan (music, lyrics)


A short piece that illustrates several of Vocaloid's capabilities. The ease with which 'ad libs' can be created, the ability to create lyrics which are half sung, half spoken, and the way in which the voice can be made to sound like an expressive "vocalesque" instrument rather than a human, if so desired. Written, programmed and produced by Joe Hogan .
— Zero-G

"Check It Out" is a VOCALOID demonstration song, it is available as a free download on Zero-G.


Come on yeah yeah
Sing to me baby, yeah (yea yea yea)
Leon and Lola (Check it out)
Leon and Lola (Sing a little song for me!)
Leon and Lola, yeah
Check it out...
Leon and Lola

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