ChoiWARU-P (ちょいワルP) uses a lot of English VOCALOIDs in his works and seems to favor LEON (he is known as a LEON master on Niconico). He likes to make humorous songs and covers. Not a lot is known about his personal life, but he did disclose that his birthday is on June 6th.
STATUS:N/A → Assumed active
Choiwaru profile
PLAYLIST(s):(My List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Runner (modified version)" (Miku) (Cover/from Macross) (Oct.28.2007)
  2. "0-G Love" (Miku) (Cover/from Macross) (Oct.31.2007)
  3. "Sunset Beach" (Miku) (Cover/from Macross) (Cover/from Macross) (Nov.04.2007)
  4. "Hoshi no Sasayaki" (Miku) (Cover/from Macross) (Nov.04.2007)
  5. "Shō hakuryū" (Miku) (Cover/from Macross) (Nov.07.2007)
  6. "Watashi no Kare wa Pilot" (Miku) (Cover/from Macross) (Nov.11.2007)
  7. "My Beautiful Place" (Miku) (Cover/from Macross) (Nov.13.2007)
  8. "Watashi no Kare wa Pilot (part.2)" (Miku) (Cover/from Macross) (Nov.17.2007)
  9. "Kiss of Glass" (Miku) (Cover/from Maison Ikkoku) (Nov.18.2007)
  10. "Egao o Sagashite" (Miku) (Cover/from Yawara!) (Nov.23.2007)
  11. "Itsumo Soko ni Kimi ga Ita" (Miku & MEIKO) (Cover/from Yawara!)


  1. "0-G Love (redone)" (Miku) (Cover/from Macross) (Nov.26.2007)
  2. "Watashi no Kare wa Pilot (redone)" (Cover/from Macross) (Miku) (Dec.08.2007)
  3. "Merry Christmas to You" (Miku & MEIKO) (Cover/Midori Karashima) (Dec.08.2007)
  4. "Shō hakuryū (redone)" (Miku) (Cover/from Macross) (Dec.28.2007)
  5. "True My Heart" (LEON) (Cover/Nursery Rhyme) (Jan.02.2008)
  6. "LeonLeon ni Shiteageru♪ (Shiteyan-yo)" (LEON) (Cover/ika) (Jan.05.2008)
  7. "True My Heart" (Rin) (Cover/Nursery Rhyme) (Jan.08.2008)
  8. "MikuMiku ni Shiteageru♪ (Shiteyan-yo)" (LEON) (Cover/ika) (Jan.13.2008)
  9. "Bust-uranai no Uta" (Len & LEON) (Jan.15.2008)
  10. "Without us" (LEON & MEIKO) (Cover/from "Family Ties") (Jan.22.2008)
  11. "Chichi wo Moge" (LEON) (Cover/from "Konjiki no Gashbell!") (Jan.31.2008)
  12. "Change the world" (LEON) (Cover/Eric P. Clapton) (Feb.08.2008)
  13. "Agent Yoruwo Iku" (Rin) (Cover/from "Idolm@ster") (Feb.14.2008)
  14. "True My Heart" (Rin) (Cover/Nursery Rhyme) (Feb.21.2008)
  15. "Prima Prima ni Shiteageru♪" (Prima) (Cover/ika) (Mar.01.2008)
  16. "Nageki no KAITO~short vers~" (KAITO) (Parody/Kachou Tsukitei) (Mar.08.2008)
  17. "Onaji Youni" (Prima, Leon) (Cover/hatiku) (Mar.20.2008)
  18. "Onaji Youni (revenge)" (Prima, Leon) (Cover/hatiku) (Mar.29.2008)
  19. "Dore dore no Uta~short ver." (MEIKO) (Cover/Meiko Haigō) (Apr.29.2008)
  20. "Orawa Ninkimono" (Prima) (Cover/from "Crayon Shin-chan") (May.05.2008)
  21. "Onaji Youni" (LEON, Ann) (collab w/Bokanushi(May.07.2008)
  22. "Aoi Tori" (Prima) (May.19.2008)
  23. "Aoi Tori (Revenge)" (LEON) (May.21.2008)
  24. "Beautiful Sunday" (LEON) (Cover/Daniel Boone) (Jun.01.2008)
  25. "Ai no Kinjitō" (KAITO) (Cover/from Six God Combination Godmars) (Jun.02.2008)
  26. "American Dokkun~12 sai no aki ~" (KAITO & Miku) (Jun.11.2008)
  27. "Magic" (LEON) (Cover/ The Police) (Jun.14.2008)
  28. "my song" (MEIKO) (Cover/from "Idolm@ster") (Jun.21.2008)
  29. "Seikan Hikou" (KAITO) (Cover/from Macross) (Jul.20.2008)
  30. "Seikan Hikou" (LEON) (Cover/from Macross) (Jul.21.2008)
  31. "Sesshano Karewa Pilot" (Gackpo) (Cover/from Macross) (Aug.03.2008)
  32. "Pantsu no Uta" (VOCALOID banquet) (Collab w/various producers) (Aug.08.2008)
  33. "Ai Oboeteimasuka (Ranka ver.)" (MEIKO) (Cover/from Macross) (Aug.17.2008)
  34. "Iteza ☆ Gogo 9-ji Don't be late (short ver.)" (MEIKO) (Cover/from Macross) (Aug.25.2008)
  35. "Runner" (MEIKO & KAITO) (Cover/from Macross) (Aug.31.2008)
  36. "i" (MEIKO) (Cover/from "Idolm@ster") (Sep.19.2008)
  37. "Daichou no Jealousy" (MEIKO) (Cover/from "Idolm@ster") (Sep.20.2008)
  38. "KAITO de NIGHT(Project CW@RU)" (KAITO & KAIKO) (Cover/VIVO) (Oct.06.2008)
  39. "Kyu Kyu Kyu Nyaa" (Leon) (Collab w/Nauroma P) (Oct.21.2008)
  40. "Kyu Kyu Kyu Heaa!" (Gackpo) (Oct.22.2008)
  41. "Dore Dore no Uta~full ver~" (MEIKO) (Cover/Meiko Haigō (Nov.03.2008)
  42. "Kami-sama no Birthday" (MEIKO) (Cover/from "Idolm@ster") (Nov.27.2008)
  43. "Boku wa Lolicon" (KAITO, LEON, & Gackpo) (Cover/from Needless) (Collab w/IGASIO) (Nov.27.2008)
  44. "Hello Daizu no Uta" (MEIKO) (Cover/from "Kannagi") (Jan.03.2008)
  45. "Choi Waru ie ni Atarashi i Bokaro Gayattekitanode" (LEON) (Cover/CV03 Demo Song01) (Jan.12.2009)
  46. "Massugu-san" (MEIKO) (Cover/from "Idolm@ster") (Jan.19.2009)
  47. "Straight (MMD)" (Luka) (Cover/from "Idolm@ster") (Mar.13.2009)
  48. "I got the sound source of Megpoid" (GUMI) (Apr.01.2009)
  49. "Tonarini..." (MEIKO) (Cover/from "Idolm@ster") (Apr.19.2009)
  50. "I Want" (KAIKO) (Cover/from "Idolm@ster") (Apr.19.2009)
  51. "Seikan Hikou" (GUMI) (Cover/from Macross) (Jun.28.2009)
  52. "September" (LEON, MEIKO, Miku) (Cover/Earth, Wind & Fire) (Sep.21.2009)
  53. "Straight (MMD)" (MEIKO) (Cover/from "Idolm@ster") (Nov.09.2009)
  54. "Another Heaven" (MEIKO) (Cover/from "Steins;Gate") (Dec.13.2009)
  55. "Kamisama no Birthday" (MEIKO, miki, Miku) (Cover/from "Idolm@ster") (Dec.24.2009)
  56. "Ai Oboeteimasuka -bless the little queen" (GUMI) (Cover/from Macross) (Jan.31.2010)
  57. "Furu Furu Future" (LEON) (Cover/from "Idolm@ster") (Mar.06.2010)
  58. "Ao no Ether" (Miku Append) (Cover/Maaya Sakamoto (Apr.30.2010)
  59. "Hadaka Shitsuji" (Gackpo) (Cover/from "Naked Butler") (May.30.2010)
  60. "Another Heaven" (MEIKO) (Cover/from "Steins;Gate") (Sep.15.2011)
  61. "Tell Your World" (LEON) (Cover/kz) (Mar.31.2012)

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