cillia (シリア), also known as Kyaami and harumia, is a VOCALOID producer and utaite who primarily makes covers using various VOCALOIDs and UTAUs. Her most popular work is a cover of -ERROR featuring UTAU, Namine Ritsu. She is the creator of UTAU, Samura Tomi. She is known for her tuning skills in both VOCALOID and UTAU, and has been featured on live streams by Yamaha that demonstrate how to tune along with Asin Kuroda.

She is a member of Team Kamiuta and 141Hour Records.

STATUS:March 2010 → Active
ASSOCIATIONS:Niki, Team Kamiuta, 141Hour Records
OFFICIAL:Official: tumblr, Twitter
Channels: Niconico, YouTube, bilibili, Piapro, SoundCloud, TmBox
Gallery: deviantArt, pixiv
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Just be Friends" (Rin, Len) (Mar.10.2010)
  2. "Nameless Song" (Tomi) (Mar.22.2010)
  3. "The Girl in the White Tiger Fields" (Tomi) (Apr.26.2010)
  4. "From Y to Y" (Tomi) (May.01.2010)
  5. "One Winged Bird (short)" (Tomi) (May.11.2010)
  6. "Toeto" (Tomi) (June.07.2010)
  7. "Koi wo Shitemasu" (Tomi) (June.19.2010)
  8. "Plus Minus" (Tomi) (June.22.2010)
  9. "ANTI THE∞HOLiC" (Tomi, Ritsu) (June.22.2010)
  10. "Naraku no Hana (Tomi) (June.22.2010)
  11. "SADISTIC VAMPIRE" (Tomi) (June.23.2010)
  12. "The Snow White Princess Is..." (Tomi) (June.23.2010)
  13. "Fukkerita" (Tei) (June.30.2010)
  14. "World's End Dancehall" (Tomi) (July.02.2010)
  15. "Two Breathes Walking" (Tomi) (July.07.2010)
  16. "Fukkerita" (Tomi) (July.17.2010)
  17. "World's End Dancehall x Meltdown" (Nero) (Aug.09.2010)
  18. "Clanned After Story OP" (Tomi) (Aug.13.2010)
  19. "Innocence" (Tomi) (Aug.20.2010)
  20. "Love is War" (Tomi) (Aug.26.2010)
  21. "Konbini" (Len) (Aug.28.2010)
  22. "Bad Apple" (Iroha) (Sept.25.2010)
  23. "Tsumugi Uta" (Tomi) (Oct.10.2010)
  24. "Antichlorobenzene" (Tomi) (Oct.20.2010)
  25. "The Intense Song of Hatsune Miku (Tomi) (Oct.22.2010)
  26. "Change Me" (Tomi) (Oct.25.2010)
  27. "Trick and Treat" (Tomi) (Oct.30.2010)
  28. "Rolling Girl (piano ver.)" (Tomi) (Nov.06.2010)
  29. "My Talent" (Teto) (Nov.07.2010)
  30. "Piano Lessons" (Tomi, Kyaami) (Nov.07.2010)
  31. "Goodbye Memories" (Piko) (Dec.05.2010)
  32. "Cardioid" (Tomi) (Dec.12.2010)
  33. "Blink of Goodbye" (Tomi) (Dec.12.2010)
  34. "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" (Len) (Dec.17.2010)
  35. "Calc" (Teto) (Dec.31.2010)
  36. "Turin Koshiti" (GUMI) (Jan.03.2011)
  37. "Rolling Girl" (Ritsu) (Jan.12.2011)
  38. "From Y to Y" (Tomi) (Jan.16.2011)
  39. "Crawl (short ver.)" (Ruko) (Jan.17.2011)
  40. "Mousou Sketch" (Tomi) (Jan.19.2011)
  41. "Delusion Sketch" (Tomi) (Jan.20.2011)
  42. "Eternal Snow" (Roku) (Feb.03.2011)
  43. "Uchi he Kaerou" (Tomi) (Feb.06.2011)
  44. "Panda Hero" (Yui) (Feb.13.2011)
  45. "Leia" (Yui) (Mar.01.2011)
  46. "Kenka Wakare" (Tomi) (Mar.26.2011)
  47. "Sky High" (Tomi) (Apr.02.2011)
  48. "Last Song" (Tomi) (Apr.03.2011)
  49. "Just be Friends (piano ver.)" (Tomi) (Apr.03.2011)
  50. "Nostalgic" (KAITO) (Apr.09.2011)
  51. "Cut-Off Line" (Tomi) (Apr.15.2011)
  52. "Natsukage (Cornwall summer mix)" (Tomi) (May.05.2011)
  53. "SkyFish" (Tomi) (June.18.2011)
  54. "Hacking the Gate" (Miki) (June.22.2011)
  55. "Far Away -Game Edit-" (Tomi) (June.25.2011)
  56. "Torinoko City" (Tomi) (June.27.2011)
  57. "Happy Synthesizer" (Tomi, Ritsu) (June.27.2011)
  58. "You and Beautiful World" (Tomi) (July.05.2011)
  59. "Strobe Last" (Tomi) (July.11.2011)
  60. "See You Tomorrow" (Tomi) (July.12.2011)
  61. "Two Faced Lovers" (Tomi) (July.21.2011)
  62. "World's End Dancehall" (Tomi, Ritsu) (July.22.2011)
  63. "-ERROR" (Tomi) (Aug.08.2011)
  64. "World's End Umbrella" (Aug.09.2011)
  65. "Sasa No Ha Sarara" (Neko) (Aug.19.2011)
  66. "Sweet Magic" (Tomi) (Aug.27.2011)
  67. "Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder" (MEIKO) (Sept.05.2011)
  68. "13km" (Len POWER) (Sept.09.2011)
  69. "BadBye" (Rin POWER) (Sept.10.2011)
  70. "Cut-Off Line" (Rin POWER) (Sept.10.2011)
  71. "Aoi Shiori" (Luka) (Sept.11.2011)
  72. "PONPONPON" (Tomi) (Sept.18.2011)
  73. "Zzz..." (Tomi) (Sept.20.2011)
  74. "Canaria" (Tomi) (Sept.25.2011)
  75. "Miracle Point" (Tomi) (Oct.01.2011)
  76. "Hello, How Are You?" (Tomi) (Oct.02.2011)
  77. "7/8" (Tomi) (Oct.03.2011)
  78. "Hello, How Are You" (Tomi) (Oct.04.2011)
  79. "Rokutousei no Yoru" (Tomi) (Oct.09.2011)
  80. "The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku" (Tomi) (Oct.09.2011)
  81. "Campanella" (Keys) (Oct.12.2011)
  82. "Tokyo Teddy Bear" (Miku SOLID, Miku SOFT) (Oct.13.2011)
  83. "Never let you go (short)" (Miku) (Oct.14.2011)
  84. "Comet" (Teto) (Oct.23.2011)
  85. "Anniversary Sayri Place (short)" (Teto WHISPER) (Oct.23.2011)
  86. "Anniversary Sayri Place (full)" (Teto WHISPER) (Oct.24.2011)
  87. "Wired Life" (Tomi) (Nov.02.2011)
  88. "Longing" (Tomi) (Nov.11.2011)
  89. "The Weekend is Coming!" (Tomi) (Nov.12.2011)
  90. "Kagaribito" (Tomi) (Nov.13.2011)
  91. "Mr. Taxi" (Tomi) (Nov.14.2011)
  92. "The Weekend Is Coming!" (Tomi) (Nov.17.2011)
  93. "Heart Beats" (Miku) (Nov.18.2011)
  94. "Long Distance Love" (Luka) (Nov.18.2011)
  95. "Rolling Girl" (Piko) (Nov.20.2011)
  96. "Konna ni chikau de..." (Tomi) (Nov.20.2011)
  97. "Hybrid" (VY1V3) (Nov.20.2011)
  98. "Konna ni Chikaku de..." (Tomi, Iroha, Rin, GUMI) (Nov.21.2011)
  99. "Finder" (Miki, Piko) (Nov.27.2011)
  100. "Romeo and Cinderella ~mirishira~" (Miku) (Nov.27.2011)
  101. "Ur Style" (Miku) (Dec.05.2011)
  102. "Alice (short)" (Rin) (Dec.12.2011)
  103. "Never Let You Go -full-" (Miku) (Dec.14.2011)
  104. "Toosenba" (Piko) (Dec.15.2011)
  105. "Hollowness" (Len) (Dec.20.2011)
  106. "Never Let You Go" (SeeU) (Dec.21.2011)
  107. "Hello Hello" (SeeU) (Dec.26.2011)
  108. "Freely Tomorrow (short)" (Len) (Dec.27.2011)
  109. "Bad Apple" (Tomi) (Dec.28.2011)
  110. "Puzzle" (Yukari) (Dec.30.2011)
  111. "Risky Game" (Luka) (Jan.01.2012)
  112. "Mata Ashita" (Luka) (Jan.02.2012)
  113. "Mata Ashita" (Miku DARK) (Jan.02.2012)
  114. "Cyber Thunder Cider" (Tomi) (Jan.04.2012)
  115. "Kuusou Mesorogiwi" (Tomi) (Jan.07.2012)
  116. "Puzzle" (Bou) (Jan.05.2012)
  117. "Envy Catwalk" (Piko) (Jan.12.2012)
  118. "Hurting for a Very Hurtful Reason" (Tomi, Vikotoro) (Jan.16.2012)
  119. "galaxias!" (Miku SOFT) (Jan.26.2012)
  120. "Romantic Hero" (Ritsu) (Jan.30.2012)
  121. "Celluloid" (Tomi) (Feb.02.2012)
  122. "Kimi no Kioku" (Tomi) (Feb.05.2012)
  123. "Green Straight" (Miku) (Feb.06.2012)
  124. "Your Memory (Kita Shuhei Ver)" (Tomi) (Feb.06.2012)
  125. "Antichlorobenzene" (Tomi) (Feb.09.2012)
  126. "Chaosmaid" (Tomi) (Feb.10.2012)
  127. "sign" (Tomi) (Feb.12.2012)
  128. "Liar" (Yuki) (Feb.16.2012)
  129. "Last Song" (IA) (Feb.21.2012)
  130. "Tell Your World -REDSHiFT REMIX-" (IA) (Feb.24.2012)
  131. "Happy Synthesizer" (IA, VY1) (Feb.26.2012)
  132. "Sweet Devil" (GUMI Extend) (Feb.27.2012)
  133. "girlfriend (short)" (IA) (Feb.27.2012)
  134. "Sky High" (Ritsu) (Mar.2.2012)
  135. "Twinkle" (Miku) (Mar.5.2012)
  136. "Bacterial Contamination" (Ritsu) (Mar.8.2012)
  137. "7days" (VY1) (Mar.13.2012)
  138. "anamnesis" (Momo) (Mar.20.2012)
  139. "Babylon" (Tomi) (Mar.23.2012)
  140. "Ah, It's A Wonderful Cat's Life" (GUMI POWER, Len POWER) (Mar.23.2012)
  141. "Tetrotodoxin Synthesizer No.2" (miki) (Mar.25.2012)
  142. "Tricolor Airline" (IA) (Apr.2.2012)
  143. "Flightless Bird" (Lapis) (Apr.19.2012)
  144. "Twinkle" (Lapis) (Apr.22.2012)
  145. "Risky Game" (IA) (Apr.23.2012)
  146. "CHOIR JAIL" (Ritsu) (Apr.27.2012)
  147. "Coloring" (Lapis) (May.11.2012)
  148. "-ERROR" (Ritsu) (May.31.2012)
  149. "Hm? Ah, Yes" (Piko) (May.31.2012)
  150. "+REVERSE" (Ritsu) (June.3.2012)
  151. "HOPE" (Ritsu) (June.10.2012)
  152. "Our-Let-It-Be" (Yuki) (June.14.2012)
  153. "I Can Take Off My Panties" (Len) (June.15.2012)
  154. "A Tale of Six Trillion Years and One Night" (Ritsu) (June.21.2012)
  155. "Mysterious sǝxoq ǝןʇʇıן" (Teto) (June.21.2012)
  156. "A Tale of Six Trillion Years and One Night (piano.ver)" (Yufu) (July.8.2012)
  157. "My Dearest" (Ritsu) (July.8.2012)
  158. "to the beginning" (Ritsu) (July.10.2012)
  159. "magician's operation" (Matsudappoiyo EDGE) (July.11.2012)
  160. "This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee" (Tei, Len) (July.11.2012)
  161. "e-scape" (Matsudappoiyo) (July.13.2012)
  162. "Fall to Invisible Black" (Ritsu, Piko) (July.23.2012)
  163. "Boy Don't Cry" (Gackpo) (Aug.9.2012)
  164. "Senbonzakura" (Matsudappoiyo EDGE) (Aug.12.2012)
  165. "Moonlight Symphony" (IA, Gackpo) (Aug.12.2012)
  166. "envy." (Hiyori) (Aug.16.2012)
  167. "The Disappearance of Namine Ritsu" (Ritsu) (Aug.29.2012)
  168. "FLARE" (Ritsu) (Aug.31.2012)
  169. "The Earth's Final Confession" (Tomi) (Sept.2.2012)
  170. "Jutineja" (Tomi, Tei) (Sept.3.2012)
  171. "Wind-Up God" (Piko) (Sept.9.2012)
  172. "The Vastness of the Hereafter is Within the Light of the Fireflies" (Iroha, VY2) (Oct.20.2012)
  173. "Hurting For A Very Hurtful Reason" (Lily NATIVE) (Oct.22.2013)
  174. "One Room, All That Jazz" (Yukari) (Oct.27.2012)
  175. "crossing field" (GUMI) (Nov.4.2012)
  176. "ODDS & ENDS" (Teto) (Nov.9.2012)
  177. "I Don't Care Who, Somebody Go Out With Me!" (Ritsu) (Dec.2.2012)
  178. "The Path to Eternal Happiness, I Found It" (Tei, Len) (Dec.22.2012)
  179. "Mischievous Function" (Tomi) (Jan.21.2013)
  180. "Meltdown (piano ver.) (Rin) (Feb.11.2013)
  181. "Stop It" (Ritsu) (Mar.2.2013)
  182. "Setsuna Trip" (Inari) (Mar.11.2013)
  183. "Love Philosophia" (MEIKO) (Apr.14.2013)
  184. "Threadnation" (Lily NATIVE) (June.3.2013)
  185. "Seven Color Morning" (Ritsu) (June.16.2013)
  186. "Sky And Your Message" (Sasara) (June.18.2013)
  187. "Lost Destination" (Ritsu) (June.29.2013)
  188. "Soar" (KYO, WIL, YUU) (July.12.2013)
  189. "Jiyū e no Shingeki" (Matsudappoiyo) (Sept.9.2013)
  190. "Evening Cicada Moratorium" (Piko) (Sept.13.2013)
  191. "Clarity -short ver-" (Ritsu EVE) (Oct.11.2013)
  192. "Outer Science" (Ama) (Oct.17.2013)
  193. "FIRST" (Teto) (Nov.3.2013)
  194. "Pure Hatred Spectra" (MEIKO POWER) (Dec.21.2013)
  195. "The White Snow Princess Is" (MEIKO POWER) (Dec.22.2013)
  196. "Balsam" (Yuki) (Feb.10.2014)
  197. "The Transient Apple Salesgirl" (Meiji) (Feb.16.2014)
  198. "Mirror" (Yukari) (Mar.30.2014)
  199. "Close to You" (flower) (May.31.2014)
  200. "Shadow-Haze≒Variation" (MEIKO Power) (June.1.2014)
  201. "Snow Halation" (IA, GUMI, MEIKO, Miku, Tomi, Inara) (July.16.2014)
  202. "The Story You Don't Know" (Inari) (Aug.12.2014)
  203. "too cute!" (IA ROCKS) (July.27.2014)
  204. "Gimmie Gimmie" (Miku) (Aug.14.2014)
  205. "Daring!!" (Rin) (Aug.21.2014)
  206. "Uraomote・Fortune" (Rana) (Sept.11.2014)
  207. "No Logic" (flower) (Nov.14.2014)
  208. "Fairytale," (VY1V4) (Dec.18.2014)
  209. "Donor Song" (VY1V4) (Jan.1.2015)
  210. "Tears" (Inari) (Jan.25.2015)
  211. "Kimi wo Nosete" (VY1V4) (Mar.23.2015)
  212. "Somehow" (Ritsu KIRE) (Mar.31.2015)
  213. "Queen of Heart" (Meiji) (Apr.1.2015)
  214. "Kuroneko" (Merry) (July.7.2015)
  215. "Uta wo Utau Hito" (VY1V4) (July.24.2015)
  216. "Reflection" (Sachiko) (July.29.2015)
  217. "Love is War" (Ruko) (Aug.7.2015)
  218. "SEAHOLLY" (Iroha) (Aug.22.2015)
  219. "Rolling Girl" (Shuu) (Sept.20.2015)
  220. "End of Rain" (Renri) (Sept.29.2015)
  221. "Kawaranai Mono" (Renri) (Oct.3.2015)
  222. "Cold Hands" (Tsuki) (Nov.20.2015)
  223. "Catch you, Catch me" (Rin V4X) (Dec.24.2015)
  224. "7/8" (Rin V4X) (Dec.26.2015)
  225. "Spectrum" (Fukase) (Jan.30.2016)
  226. "Lost One's Weeping (sat1080 mix)" (Len V4X) (Apr.09.2016)
  227. "Satisfaction" (Len V4X) (Apr.09.2016)
  228. "Melt" (Una) (Jul.31.2016)
  229. "shake it!" (Una, Yukari, flower) (Aug.02.2016)
  230. "Tell Your World" (Miku V4 English) (Aug.31.2016)
  231. "Zero Fill Love" (UNI) (Fev.26.2017)
  232. "Voice" (VY1V4) (Mar.11.2017)
  233. "chaosmaid" (Nemu) (Apr.1.2017)
  234. "Near" (Fukase, Una) (July.19.2017)
  235. "quiet room" (Iroha) (Oct.26.2017)
  236. "Memorable Crossdresser" (Len V4X) (Dec.19.2017)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

爾今の洋洋この蛍光にあり (Jikon no Youyou Kono Keikou ni Ari)

Uploaded 2012.10.20 Featuring Nekomura Iroha and VY2
Music Matsuura Jun (music), cillia (tuning) Main article 爾今の洋洋この蛍光にあり (Jikon no Youyou Kono Keikou ni Ari)
Lyrics Team Kamiuta

Second Star

Uploaded 2012.12.23 Featuring OLIVER
Music EmpathP Main article Second Star
Lyrics EmpathP
Video cillia (illust)

SILENCE (niki song)

Uploaded 2013.08.16 Featuring AVANNA
Music cillia (music, tuning), niki (music, tuning) Main article SILENCE (niki song)
Lyrics cillia, niki

プリンセスシンドローム (Princess Syndrome)

Uploaded 2015.03.08 Featuring Yuzuki Yukari
Music Kagome-P (music), cillia (vocal manipulation) Main article プリンセスシンドローム (Princess Syndrome)
Lyrics Kagome-P


KARENT SinglesEdit

Title -ERROR
White Snow Princess Is (MEIKO Cover)
Producer cillia, niki cillia, NoboruP
Release Date July 31, 2012 November 05, 2014
Light blue chronicle
Title Hanadairo Chronicle    
Producer cillia, Aoto Kei  
Release Date November 05, 2014  

Compilation AlbumsEdit

  • EFB -Released: November 3, 2012
    (Song(s) featured: Choir - Dedicated to BRAVEs -)
  • EXIT TUNES PRESENT UTAUSEKAI -Released: December 5, 2012
    (Song(s) featured: -ERROR, +REVERSE)
  • OverDance -Released: April 27, 2013
    (Song(s) featured: アジテーション・オペレーション)
  • Project Houshin -Released: November 6, 2013
    (Song(s) featured: mirror)
  • debut -Released: October 1, 2014
    (Song(s) featured: Close to You)
  • Diva -only for you- -Released: November 2, 2014
    (Song(s) featured: sacrifice)
  • ALIVE -Released: November 2, 2014
    (Song(s) featured: ビットレート・ヴァイオレンス)
  • 一期一会 -Released: February 24, 2016
    (Song(s) featured: No Logic)