CircusP (formerly DoofusP (デュファスP) or matt9five) is a young western producer. Some of his original works have appeared on Vocaloid Rankings. He has also created a few UTAU voice banks such as Chii and Aido. He also produces the art and PV for many of his songs.

He took first place in the HATSUNE MIKU EXPO SONG CONTEST with his song "Ten Thousand Stars".

STATUS:August 2009 → Present
ASSOCIATIONS:EmpathP; Azuralunar; Creep-P; nostraightanswer; Sleppu; 6LIN
URL(s)Channel: YouTube 1 YouTube 2
Nico Nico Bandcamp Piapro SoundCloud
Gallery: deviantArt 1 deviantArt 2 Pixiv
Social media: Tumblr Twitter 1 (personal) Twitter 2 (professional)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "This is Sparta (Kagamine Rin ver.)" (Aug.13.2009)
  2. "Baby Cruising Love" (Song of Perfume) (Aug.20.2009)
  3. "Dream Fighter" (Song of Perfume) (Sept.15.2009)
  4. "Disturbia Demo" (Song of Rihanna) (Oct.01.2009)
  5. "If U Seek Amy" (Song of Britney Spears) (Oct.04.2009)
  6. "Bad Romance" (Song of Lady Gaga) (Nov.16.2009)
  7. "Poker Face" (Song of Lady Gaga) (Nov.18.2009)
  8. "Just Dance" (Song of Lady Gaga) (Nov.21.2009)
  9. "Evacuate the Dance Floor" (Song of Cascada) (Nov.25.2009)
  10. "3 (Full ver.)" (Song of Britney Spears) (Nov.28.2009)
  11. "...Baby One More Time" (Song of Britney Spears) (Dec.06.2009)
  12. "Koi wa Sensou" (Song of Ryo) (Dec.08.2009)
  13. "3" (Song of Britney Spears) (Dec.12.2009)
  14. "Real Emotion" (Song from Final Fantasy X-2) (Dec.14.2009)
  15. "Paparazzi" (Song of Lady Gaga) (Dec.23.2009)
  16. "Love is War" (Song of Ryo) (Dec.25.2009)
  17. "Koi Suru VOC@LOID" (Song of OSTER Project) (Dec.26.2009)
  18. "Desu Desu★Night Fever" (Song of Samfree) (Dec.26.2009)
  19. "If U Seek Amy" (Miku "dark" version) (Song of Britney Spears) (Dec.29.2009)
  20. "If U Seek Amy" (Miku "soft" version) (Dec.29.2009)
  21. "If U Seek Amy" (Kaai Yuki) (Dec.29.2009)
  22. "Bad Romance" (Luka) (Song of Lady Gaga) (Jan.07.2010)
  23. "Bad Romance-Acapella-" (Luka) (Jan.09.2010)
  24. "Bad Romance" (SF-A2 Miki) (Jan.10.2010)
  25. "Love is War (English Ver.)" (Song of Ryo) (Jan.16.2010)
  26. "Still Alive" (Song from Portal) (Jan.28.2010)
  27. "Random Work-In-Progress megamix" (Feb.02.2010)
  28. "Beautiful World" (Song of Utada Hikaru) (Feb.03.2010)
  29. "Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance" (Song of Machigerita-P) (Feb.10.2010)
  30. "Magnet" (Song of Ryuusei-P) (Feb.17.2010)
  31. "Time Traveler" (Song from DREAM C CLUB) (Apr.02.2010)
  32. "Disturbia" (Song of Rihanna) (Apr.14.2010)
  33. "The Fame" (Song of Lady Gaga) (Apr.19.2010)
  34. "Telephone" (Song of Lady Gaga) (Apr.21.2010)
  35. "Ai-Kotoba (Love Words)" (Song of DECO*27) (Apr.28.2010)
  36. "Survivor (full ver.)" (Song of Anzuame) (May.04.2010)
  37. "Flute Player" (Song from "Yume Nikki") (May.15.2010)
  38. "Koi Wo Shiteimasu" (Song from "DREAM C CLUB") (May.16.2010)
  39. "昭和専★ガール (Short ver.)" (Song of Kagome-P) (May.18.2010)
  40. "Koi wo Shiteimasu" (Song from "DREAM C CLUB") (May.18.2010)
  41. "M!kut0 l3iks d1s s0ng (TikTok MeMe)" (Song of Ke$ha) (May.20.2010)
  42. "Disturbia" (Song of Rihanna) (May.22.2010)
  43. "Umbrella" (Song of Rihanna) (Jun.04.2010)
  44. "Cosmic Lucky" (Song of aquascape) (Jun.06.2010)
  45. "Miku says 'Daisuki!'" (Jun.08.2010)
  46. "Paparrazi (Stuart Price Remix)" (Song of Lady Gaga) (Jun.21.2010)
  47. "Paparrazi" (Song of Lady Gaga) (Jun.22.2010)
  48. "Lovefool" (Song of The Cardigans) (Jun.27.2010)
  49. "Who are you?" (Scenario from "Portal") (Jul.01.2010)
  50. "Should I finish this?" (Song from "Nursery Rhyme") (Jul.03.2010)
  51. "Miku Miku★Night Fever" (Song of Samfree) (Jul.05.2010)
  52. "Miku Miku☆Fire Endless Night" (Song of Samfree) (Jul.06.2010)
  53. "Lilium" (Song from "Elfen Lied") (Jul.08.2010)
  54. "Pyromania (Short ver.)" (Song of Cascada) (Jul.12.2010)
  55. "Pyromania" (Song of Cascada) (Jul.13.2010)
  56. "Poker Face" (Song of Lady Gaga) (Jul.14.2010)
  57. "Bad Romance" (Song of Lady Gaga) (Jul.16.2010)
  58. "Paparazzi" (Song of Lady Gaga) (Jul.17.2010)
  59. "Poker Face" (Song of Lady Gaga) (Jul.17.2010)
  60. "Creepy Toast" (Jul.19.2010)
  61. "Fail" (Song of Lady Gaga) (Jul.25.2010)
  62. "3" (Song of Britney Spears) (Jul.26.2010)
  63. "Toeto" (Song of Toraboruta-P) (Jul.29.2010)
  64. "Yowamushi Montblanc" (Song of Deco*27) (Aug.07.2010)
  65. "Toeto" (Song of Toraboruta-P) (Aug.08.2010)
  66. "VOiCE Demo" (Song of ラヴリーP) (Aug.12.2010)
  67. "VOiCE" (Aug.13.2010)
  68. "Magnet -short ver-" (Song of Ryuusei-P) (Aug.15.2010)
  69. "Magnet" (Aug.15.2010)
  70. "Only Miku" (Song of Ryuusei-P) (Aug.15.2010)
  71. "MikuMiku ni Shite Ageru♪ -Miu Mix-" (Song of Iku) (Aug.16.2010)
  72. "Endless" (Song of Capmira-P) (Aug.18.2010)
  73. "ロールワット-Lolwat-" (Aug.18.2010)
  74. "Creepy Song" (Aug.19.2010)
  75. "Circus・Monster" (Instrumental version) (Aug.24.2010)
  76. "Circus・Monster" (Aug.24.2010)
  77. "Lily Lily★Burning Night" (Song of Samfree) (Aug.27.2010)
  78. "サーカス・モンスター-Jver-" (Aug.31.2010)
  79. "You Are Mine" (Sept.06.2010)
  80. "You Are Mine" (MIDI version) (Sept.11.2010)
  81. "Zombie Revenge Song" (Sept.11.2010)
  82. "Poker Face" (Song of Lady Gaga) (Sept.16.2010)
  83. "Who's that Chick?" (Song of Rhihanna) (Sept.19.2010)
  84. "Who's that Chick? -Acapella-" (Sept.19.2010)
  85. "Poker Face" (Song of Lady Gaga) (Sept.23.2010)
  86. "Love is War" (Song of Ryo) (Sept.25.2010)
  87. "Trial&Error" (Oct.06.2010)
  88. "Addicted" (Demo version) (Oct.09.2010)
  89. "Addicted" (Oct.09.2010)
  90. "Songs that will never be finished" (Song from "Sound Horizon") (Oct.11.2010)
  91. "Telephone (Nexus Piano Mix)" (Song of Lady Gaga) (Oct.16.2010)
  92. "Repeat" (Oct.17.2010)
  93. "Repeat" (Oct.19.2010)
  94. "Rude Boy" (Song of Rihanna) (Oct.21.2010)
  95. "Rude Boy" (Oct.23.2010)
  96. "Change Me" (Song of Shu-T) (Oct.25.2010)
  97. "Precog" (Song from "THE iDOLM@STER Dearly Stars") (Nov.07.2010)
  98. "Repeat" (Misodo version) (Nov.09.2010)
  99. "Death of IDOL Demo" (Nov.10.2010)
  100. "Finale" (Nov.14.2010)
  101. "Accent Test? lolol" (Song of Rihanna) (Nov.18.2010)
  102. "That weird accent test with moar vocaloids lol" (Song of Rihanna) (Nov.18.2010)
  103. "I Like It Rough" (Song of Lady Gaga) (Nov.25.2010)
  104. "Alejandro" (Song of Lady Gaga) (Nov.28.2010)
  105. "MikuMiku?" (Dec.14.2010)
  106. "The Sleeping Priestess" (Song from "Fatal Frame") (Dec.15.2010)
  107. "Koe" (Song from "Fatal Frame III: The Tormented") (Dec.21.2010)
  108. "I'll Take On The World By Myself" (Dec.30.2010)
  109. "Firework" (Song of Katy Perry) (Dec.31.2010)
  110. "Circus Monster" (Music box ver.) (Jan.03.2011)
  111. "If U Seek Amy" (Song of Britney Spears) (Jan.22.2011)
  112. "Hold It Against Me" (Feb.15.2011)
  113. "Stereo Love (Scotty Remix)" (Song of Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina) (Feb.19.2011)
  114. "I Guess I Need You, Baby" (Song of Britney Spears) (Feb.27.2011)
  115. "Mozaik Role" (Song of Deco*27) (Mar.05.2011)
  116. "Te Te Te" (iDOLM@ASTER theme) (Mar.05.2011)
  117. "Melt 3M MIX" (Song of Ryo) (Mar.09.2011)
  118. "Melt -3M MIX-" (Song of Ryo) (Mar.11.2011)
  119. "E.T." (Song of Katy Perry) (Mar.29.2011)
  120. "iNSaNiTY" (KAITO, SF-A2 miki) (Apr.11.2011) official video
  121. "mErcy" (VY1) (May.3.2011)
  122. "KUMA BEAT" (Song of En) (May.08.2011)
  123. "Panda Hero" (Song of Hachi) (May.16.2011)
  124. "Neko Neko☆Super Fever Night" (Song of Samfree) (May.21.2011)
  125. "Two Breaths Walking" (Miki) (Song of DECO*27) (Jul.07.2011)
  126. "Two Breaths Walking" (ZORU) (Song of DECO*27) (Jul.09.2011)
  127. "When I return home there's no doubt my wife will be faking her death." (Song of HobonichiP) (Jul.13.2011)
  128. "iNSaNiTY -8Bit- Short ver." (Jul.15.2011)
  129. "Sky High" (Song of Nakano4) (Jul.18.2011)
  130. "Till the World Ends" (Song of Britney Spears) (Jul.19.2011)
  131. "Love is War -Frost Mix-" (Song of Ryo)(Jul.22.2011) official video
  132. "Hello Hello" (Song of Emon) (Jul.24.2011)
  133. "Love is War" (Song of Ryo) (Aug.01.2011)
  134. "Two Breaths Walking" (Leon)(Song of DECO*27) (Aug.08.2011)
  135. "aiSeNMa" (Aug.14.2011) official video
  136. "Magnet" (Song Of Ryuusei-P) (Aug.24.2011)
  137. "Happy Synthesizer" (Song Of EasyPop)(Aug.29.2011) official video
  138. "Sky High" (Song Of Nakano4) (Sep.2.2011)
  139. "mErcy" (SF-A2 miki) (Oct.4.2011) official video
  140. "Packaged" (Song Of kz) (Oct.13.2011) official video
  141. "Coward Montblanc" (Song Of Deco*27) (Oct.15.2011)
  142. "Not Fair" (Megurine Luka) (Song Of Lily Allen) (Oct.21.2011)
  143. "PONPONPON" (GUMI Whisper) (Song Of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) (Oct.27.2011)
  144. "Amai Kotoba" (GUMI Power) (Oct.30.2011) official video
  145. "Saihate" (GUMI Whisper) (Song Of Kobayashi Onyx) (Nov.11.2011)
  146. "Someone Like You" (Miki) (Song Of Adele) (Nov.12.2011)
  147. "Sekiranun Graffiti" (GUMI Power) (Song Of Ryo Supercell) (Nov.20.2011)
  148. "PoPiPo (Milky Way Remix)" (Miki) (Song Of Lamaze-P) (Nov.23.2011) official video
  149. "Saihate Ballad Arrange" (Megurine Luka) (Song Of Kobayashi Onyx) (Nov.25.2011)
  150. "Lie" (Megurine Luka) (Dec.18.2011) official video
  151. "Where Have You Been" (Sonika) (Song Of Rihanna) (Dec.26.2011) official video
  152. "Finale II" (Megurine Luka) (Jan.16.2012) official video
  153. "Repeat II" (Sonika) (Jan.21.2012) official video
  154. "Hold It Against Me" (IA) (Song of Brittney Spears) (Feb.3.2012) official video
  155. "Laser Beams -Circus Remix- (IA) (Song Of Perfume) (Feb.11.2012) official video
  156. "Glow" (SF-A2 Miki) (Mar.12.2012) official video
  157. "CANDY CANDY Remix" (GUMI) (Mar.18.2012)
  158. "I (Love)" (GUMI Whisper) (Mar.26.2012) official video
  159. "Breaking Point -Circus Mix- (Megurine Luka) (Mar.27.2012)
  160. "Shatter" (SF-A2 miki) (collaboration with EmpathP and Azuralunar) (Jun.29.2012) official video
  161. "Packaged" (Nekomura Iroha) (Song of Ryo) (Jul.1.2012) official video
  162. "Muffins" (UTAU original using Ishiame Aido) (Jul.2.2012) official video
  163. "Nee" (SF-A2 miki) (Song of Perfume) (Jul.7.2012) official video
  164. "Levels" (Leon) (Song of Avicii) (Jul.20.2012)
  165. "Part of Me" (IA) (Song of Katy Perry) (Jul.22.2012)
  166. "Spending All My Time" (IA) (Song of Perfume) (Jul.27.2012)
  167. "Primadonna" (IA) (Song of Marina and the Diamonds) (Aug.02.2012)
  168. "Primadonna" (IA, Galaco) (Song of Marina and the Diamonds) (Aug.04.2012)
  169. "Die Young x Coward Montblanc Mashup" (IA) (Oct.11.2012)
  170. "WAVE" (GUMI Power) (Song of Niki) (Oct.15.2012) official video
  171. "Memory" (LEON & LOLA) (Oct.29.2012) official video
  172. "Lavender Town Syndrome (Luka) (Remix) (Oct.31.2012)
  173. "Our Belief" (Miki) (Nov.20.2012) official video
  174. "Rolling Girl" (VY2v3) (Song of Genjitsutouhi-P) (Nov.27.2012) official video
  175. "Rolling Girl" (VY2v3 Falsetto) (Song of Genjitsutouhi-P) (Nov.27.2012) official video
  176. "Jitter Doll" (Miki) (Song of Niki) (Dec.10.2012) official video
  177. "FATE" (Luka) (Dec.15.2012) official video
  178. "Circus Monster" (KAITO V3)(English Demo) (Dec.24.2012)
  179. "Judas Cover Arrange" (V3 GUMI Power) (Song of Lady Gaga) (Jan.8.2013)
  180. "Party Junkie" (Miki) (Song of Tenkomori) (Jan.14.2013) official video
  181. "Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl" (Piko and VY2v3) (Song of Rerulili) (Collaboration with Apple-P) (Jan.18.2013)
  182. "Rose+Thorn (Circus Glitch Remix)" (AVANNA) (Song of EmpathP) (Jan.20.2013)
  183. "Potato" (IA) (Jan.23.2013)
  184. "Stop Me" (UTAU Kasane Teto) (Song of Hanasoumen-P) (Jan.27.2013)
  185. "Frigid Hearts" (AVANNA) (Feb.15.2013) official video
  186. "Yuragi" (V3 KAITO) (Song of niki) (Feb.25.2013)
  187. "Afternoon" (V3 KAITO) (Song of Meghan Tonjes) (Feb.28.2013)
  188. "Clarity (Circus Remix)" (Luka) (Song of Zedd) (Mar.14.2013) official video
  189. "Sweet Devil" (SF-A2 miki) (Song of Hachiouji-P) (Mar.17.2013) official video
  190. "Emotionless (Short ver.)" (AVANNA) (Mar.21.2013) official video
  191. "GLIDE" (Luka) (Song of niki) (Apr.15.2013) official video
  192. "Mr. Saxobeat" (SF-A2 miki) (Song of Alexandra Stan) (Apr.16.2013)
  193. "Handy Man" (Miku) (Song of Perfume) (May.24.2013)
  194. "Jitter Doll" (Miku) (Song of niki) (May.25.2013) official video
  195. "Supernatural" (Miku) (Song of Ke$ha) (May.26.2013)
  196. "KiLLER LADY" (IA) (Song of Hachiouji-P) (May.31.2013) official video
  197. "Mad Lovers" (GUMI) (Song of Hachiouji-P) (Jun.01.2013) official video
  198. "Ii aru Fanclub" (SF-A2 miki, Iroha) (Song of Mikito-P) (Jun.02.2013) official video
  199. "World is Mine" (Iroha) (Song of ryo) (Jun.15.2013) official video
  200. "Idiolect" (GUMI) (Song of Hanasoumen-P) (Jul.12.2013)
  201. "I Need Your Love" (V3 KAITO) (Song of Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding) (Jul.28.2013)
  202. "As Long As You Love Me Short" (AVANNA) (Song of Justin Bieber) (Aug.08.2013)
  203. "SILENCE" (V3 KAITO) (Song of niki) (Aug.26.2013) official video
  204. "ELECT" (GUMI Power) (Song of niki) (Jan.3.2014) official video
  205. "The Tale Of A 10 Year Old Vampire Queen" (Miku V3 English) (Oct.26.2013) official video
  206. "Addicted (Revised Version)" (Miku V3 English) (May.26.2014) official video
  207. "Creative (Circus' Hardcore Remix)" (Zunko) (Song of Krypt Creeper) (Jun.3.2014) official video
  208. "An Immortalist With a Spurting Blood Traveling Mood" (Tohoku Zunko) (Song of Kagome-P) (Jun.10.2014) official video
  209. "Hetakuso Yuutopia Seisaku" (Miku V3) (Song of Suzumu) (Jul.15.2014) official video
  210. "Bi☣hazard" (SONiKA) (Song of Crusher-P) (Jul.15.2014) official video
  211. "She (Circus Remix)" (GUMI Power) (Song of Krimson Gray) (Jul.16.2014) official video
  212. "Heimensetsu" (Miki) (Song of Niki) (Jun.21.2014) official video
  213. "WILDFIRE!!" (GUMI English) (collab with Crusher-P) (Sep.21.2014) official video
  214. "Goodbye" (Miku English) (Oct.14.2014) official video
  215. "HAYWIRE" (MAIKA, Miku, Zunko) (Jan.30.2015) official video
  216. "Acceleration" (Miku) (Song of Toaki Usami, Selina Higa, and tatsuo) (Feb.05.2015) official video
  217. "99 Nights" (Zunko, Miku, Gumi) (Song of Taku Inoue and MT TC) (Feb.26.2015) official video
  218. "SMOKY THRILL" (Rin) (Song of uRy) (Mar.01.2015) official video
  219. "Crystalline" (GUMI English) (collab with Crusher-P) (Mar.5.2015) official video
  220. "Sparks" (CYBER DIVA) (Song of Hilary Duff) (May.15.2015) official video
  221. "Sora" (Yukari) (Song of Satoru Kousaki, yura) (Jun.12.2015) official video
  222. "Last of Me" (Luka V4X English Straight) (Aug.18.2015) official video
  223. "seed of lights" (Hatsune Miku English) (Sep.13.2015) (collab with BIGHEAD) official upload
  224. "KARMA" (Rin V4 English) (Feb.03.2016) (collab with Creep-P) official video
  225. "Different Seas" (DEX) (Apr.12.2016) official video
  226. "COPYCAT" (GUMI English) (May.15.2016) official video
  227. "Deja Vu" (Miku V3 English, Luka V4X English Straight) (June.22.2016) official video
  228. "Our Broken Anthem" (Miku V4 English) (Aug.26.2016)
  229. "How To Pretend" (Gumi V3 English, Luka V4X English) (Oct.31.2016)
  230. "FADE" (DEX and Daina V4 English) (Nov.30.2016)
  231. "1/4th" (KAITO V3 English) (Jan.21.2017)
  232. "Poltergeist" (Len V4 English) (Jun.24.2017)
  233. "Patches" (DEX, KAITO) (Jul.11.2017) (collaboration with Nostraightanswer)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit


Uploaded 2010.01.03 Featuring Megurine Luka
Music CircusP Main article CiRCuS MoNSTeR
Lyrics CircusP
Video CircusP
One of CircusP's most famous works which also made him more well known, as well as being his first song to chart the Weekly Vocaloid Rankings.

Creepy Toast

Uploaded 2010.04.20 Featuring Megurine Luka
Music CircusP Main article Creepy Toast
Lyrics CircusP
Video CircusP

Creepy Song

Uploaded 2010.08.19 Featuring SONiKA
Music CircusP Main article Creepy Song
Lyrics CircusP
Video CircusP
The creation of the song was to poke some fun at Vocaloid horror songs, which usually have a noticeable theme of bleak locations, unnamed characters who are described by appearance, and distorted music. (Note: The original YT URL was taken down.)


Uploaded 2010.10.17 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music CircusP Main article Addicted
Lyrics CircusP
Video CircusP


Uploaded 2010.10.20 Featuring SONiKA / Miku
Music CircusP Main article Repeat
Lyrics CircusP
Video CircusP
The song is about music taking over SONiKA (or Miku, depending on the version) while dancing.


Uploaded 2011.04.11 Featuring KAITO, SF-A2 miki
Music CircusP Main article iNSaNiTY
Lyrics CircusP
Video CircusP
CircusP's first original song to be sung in Japanese and is one of his most famous works (Note: The original YT URL was taken down; link is a re-upload on one of his new accounts.)


Uploaded 2011.05.03 Featuring VY1
Music CircusP Main article mErcy
Lyrics CircusP, Jennie, Azuralunar

You Are Mine

Uploaded 2011.05.06 Featuring Megurine Luka
Music CircusP Main article You Are Mine
Lyrics CircusP
Video CircusP
The original upload was taken down. A version of the song featuring GUMI Adult is available on his album, Lucid.

AiSeNMa (song)

Uploaded 2011.08.14 Featuring Sonika
Music CircusP Main article AiSeNMa (song)
Lyrics CircusP
Video CircusP
CircusP's first new song after his long disappearance.

甘い言葉 (Amai Kotoba)

Uploaded 2011.10.30 Featuring GUMI
Music CircusP Main article 甘い言葉 (Amai Kotoba)
Lyrics Azuralunar
Video CircusP

Lie (song)

Uploaded 2011.12.18 Featuring Megurine Luka
Music CircusP Main article Lie (song)
Lyrics CircusP
Video CircusP
Lie is the first song in the series, sung by Luka. The song is about Luka's conflicting feelings towards GUMI, with part of her trying to convince herself that she has no feelings for GUMI anymore, while the other half of her still loves her.

Glow (Circus-P song)

Uploaded 2012.03.12 Featuring SF-A2 miki
Music CircusP Main article Glow (Circus-P song)
Lyrics CircusP
Video CircusP

Leaving Donna

Uploaded 2012.03.19 Featuring SeeU
Music EmpathP (music), CircusP (editing, tuning) Main article Leaving Donna
Lyrics EmpathP
Video hakei (illust)

I(愛) (I (Ai))

Uploaded 2012.03.26 Featuring GUMI
Music CircusP Main article I(愛) (I (Ai))
Lyrics CircusP
Video CircusP
I (Love) was the second song, sung by V3 GUMI (Whisper). In the song, GUMI is aware of Luka's conflicted feelings, talking about how no matter how pointless it seems, she won't let anybody take Luka from her.

The "Me" in Me

Uploaded 2012.07.09 Featuring IA
Music apol (music), EmpathP, CircusP (sequencing) Main article The "Me" in Me
Lyrics EmpathP
Video Himeka (illust)


Uploaded 2012.08.03 Featuring SF-A2 miki
Music CircusP Main article Shatter
Lyrics EmpathP, Azuralunar
Video Keti

リカバリー (Recovery)

Uploaded 2012.08.03 Featuring IA
Music CircusP Main article リカバリー (Recovery)
Lyrics CircusP
Video CircusP

The World Tonight

Uploaded 2012.08.04 Featuring LEON
Music CircusP Main article The World Tonight
Lyrics CircusP


Uploaded 2012.08.03 Featuring LEON and Tonio
Music CircusP Main article Selfish
Lyrics CircusP

Synthesized Love

Uploaded 2012.08.03 Featuring SONiKA
Music CircusP Main article Synthesized Love
Lyrics CircusP

Memory (Circus-P song)

Uploaded 2012.10.29 Featuring LEON, LOLA
Music CircusP Main article Memory (Circus-P song)
Lyrics CircusP
Video Andy (illust)
Experimenting with overlapping vocals.

Our Belief

Uploaded 2012.11.20 Featuring SF-A2 miki
Music CircusP Main article Our Belief
Lyrics CircusP
Video CircusP (illust)


Uploaded 2012.12.15 Featuring Megurine Luka
Music CircusP Main article FATE
Lyrics CircusP
Video CircusP
This song is a successful attempt at creating a modern day "pop" song.

Frigid Hearts

Uploaded 2013.02.15 Featuring AVANNA
Music CircusP Main article Frigid Hearts
Lyrics CircusP
Video CircusP
CircusP's first song with AVANNA.


Uploaded 2013.02.25 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Zedd (music), kz (remix), CircusP (tuning) Main article Spectrum
Lyrics Zedd, Matthew Koma
Video KEI (illust)
This remix has reached over 200,000 views. It is featured on the Japanese release of Zedd's album Clarity.


Uploaded 2013.03.21 Featuring AVANNA
Music CircusP Main article Emotionless
Lyrics CircusP

The Tale Of A 10 Year Old Vampire Queen

Uploaded 2013.10.26 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music CircusP Main article The Tale Of A 10 Year Old Vampire Queen
Lyrics CircusP, Jen
Video CircusP


Uploaded 2014.09.21 Featuring GUMI
Music CIRCRUSH Main article WILDFIRE!!
Video Crusher-P (illust), CircusP (video)

ECHO (Crusher-P song)

Uploaded 2014.10.07 Featuring GUMI
Music CIRCRUSH (music), CircusP (VSQx, mastering) Main article ECHO (Crusher-P song)
Video Crusher-P (illust), MystSaphyr (video)
This song has entered the Hall of Fame.

Goodbye (Circus-P song)

Uploaded 2014.10.14 Featuring Hatsune Miku English
Music CircusP Main article Goodbye (Circus-P song)
Lyrics CircusP
Video 6LIN (video)


Uploaded 2015.01.22 Featuring CYBER DIVA
Music CIRCRUSH (music), CircusP (tuning) Main article ATHENA (CIRCRUSH song)
Lyrics Crusher-P


Uploaded 2015.01.22 Featuring CYBER DIVA
Music CIRCRUSH (music), CircusP (tuning) Main article RUN AWAY
Lyrics Crusher-P


Uploaded 2015.01.22 Featuring CYBER DIVA
Music CIRCRUSH (music), CircusP (tuning) Main article THUNDERSTORM
Lyrics Crusher-P


Uploaded 2015.01.30 Featuring MAIKA, Hatsune Miku V3 English, Tohoku Zunko
Music CircusP Main article HAYWIRE
Lyrics CircusP, Paper and Kuma (lyrical help)
Video Crusher-P (illust)

Crystalline (CIRCRUSH song)

Uploaded 2015.03.05 Featuring GUMI English
Music CIRCRUSH Main article Crystalline (CIRCRUSH song)
Video 6LIN (illust)


Uploaded 2015.05.03 Featuring Megurine Luka V4X
Music heart★breaker (music), CircusP (tuning) Main article Torschlusspanik
Lyrics heart★breaker
Video wifigoth (illust)

Last of Me

Uploaded 2015.08.17 Featuring Megurine Luka V4X
Music CircusP Main article Last of Me
Lyrics CircusP
Video CircusP (illust)

Ten Thousand Stars

Ten thousand stars
Uploaded 2015.09.18 Featuring Hatsune Miku V3 English
Music CircusP Main article Ten Thousand Stars
Lyrics CircusP

Karma (song)

Uploaded 2016.02.13 Featuring Kagamine Rin V4 English
Music CircusP, Creep-P Main article Karma (song)
Lyrics CircusP
Video Sleppu (illust), Pancake (video)

Different Seas

Uploaded 2016.03.12 Featuring DEX
Music CircusP Main article Different Seas
Lyrics CircusP
Video Sleppu (illust)


Uploaded 2016.05.13 Featuring GUMI English
Music CircusP Main article Copycat
Lyrics CircusP
Video Sleppu (illust)

Deja Vu

Uploaded 2016.06.22 Featuring Hatsune Miku V3 English, Megurine Luka V4X
Music CircusP Main article Deja Vu
Lyrics CircusP
Video RAHWIA (illust, PV)

Our Broken Anthem

Uploaded 2016.06.22 Featuring Hatsune Miku V4 English
Music CircusP Main article Our Broken Anthem
Lyrics CircusP
Video Crypton Future Media
The first official demo song released to promote the English VOCALOID4 voicebank.

Father (Creep-P song)

Uploaded 2016.08.13 Featuring DEX
Music Creep-P (music), CircusP (tuning) Main article Father (Creep-P song)
Lyrics Creep-P
Video Nageko (illust)

How To Pretend

Uploaded 2016.10.31 Featuring GUMI English, Megurine Luka V4X English
Music CircusP Main article How To Pretend
Lyrics CircusP
Video CircusP, Sleppu (illust)
A song based on the game "Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location" created by Scott Cawthon


Uploaded 2016.11.30 Featuring DEX & DAINA
Music CircusP Main article FADE
Lyrics CircusP
Video Ureshiiiiii (motion and video), Angelic0blivion90 (facial data), adan-YoiStyle (models), Kurako, nurutek (stages), DysphoricDemon (choreography), EmpathP, Vocamerica (special thanks)
This song was originally created as a demo song for DEX and DAINA. It reached over 20K views overnight.


Uploaded 2017.01.21 Featuring KAITO
Music CircusP Main article 1/4
Lyrics CircusP
Video Hejin (illust, PV)

商人と遠い町 (Shounin to Tooi Machi)

Uploaded 2017.02.14 Featuring KAITO, Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka
Music Lystrialle, CircusP (Miku tuning), IrisFlower (Luka tuning) Main article 商人と遠い町 (Shounin to Tooi Machi)
Lyrics Lystrialle
Video wasabi


Uploaded 2017.06.24 Featuring Kagamine Len
Music CircusP Main article Poltergeist
Lyrics CircusP
Video Sleppu


Uploaded 2017.07.11 Featuring DEX, KAITO
Music CircusP, nostraightanswer Main article Patches
Lyrics CircusP, nostraightanswer
Video nostraightawnser, 6LIN (illust)

Siren's Lament

Uploaded 2017.07.26 Featuring MIRIAM, LOLA
Music MystSaphyr (music), CircusP (acou6tics guitar render) Main article Siren's Lament
Lyrics MystSaphyr
Video Georgie (illust)


Note: All CircusP's album can be purchased via bandcamp.

AiSeNMa Cover Art
Title AiSeNMA
INSaNiTY -EP DLX Cover Art
Producer CircusP CircusP
Release Date August 13th 2011 August 21st 2011
サーカス・モンスター CiRCuS MoNSTeR Cover Art
Title CiRCuS MoNSTeR
Amai Kotoba Cover Art
Amai Kotoba
Producer CircusP CircusP
Release Date September 13th 2011 December 6th 2011
Title Lucid
Cupcake EP
Producer CircusP, EmpathP, Azuralunar CircusP
Release Date August 3, 2012 August 1, 2013
Title FIVE
Producer CircusP, EmpathP, Jen, nostraightanswer (Kenji-B), Krypt Creeper, PeachyP, MystSaphyr CircusP, EmpathP, Creep-P, nostraightanswer
Release Date April 11, 2014 July 15, 2017

Compilation AlbumsEdit


On May 4, 2011, CircusP deleted many of his Youtube videos. Later, he closed his accounts on sites such as YouTube and DeviantArt. It was confirmed that these sudden actions were made because he had admitted to using POCALOID and wanted a hiatus for maturity. CircusP eventually reactivated his DeviantArt account, made a new YouTube account with a humorous username, and is currently uploading videos using legal software.

As a result, many users still believed he continues to use POCALOID even after the event. However, this is wrong; he has posted a picture of all of his owned VOCALOIDs on Twitter.

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