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  • "closure"
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"Forget me, leave me behind."
— nostraightanswer

The instrumental from the song was composed by nostraightanswer for his album. Later, he works with EmpathP where the song gets lyrics, vocals by AVANNA and illustration.

The song is featured on the nostraightanswer's album idle thoughts.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Closure (S2 Mix)
Featuring Hatsune Miku V3 English
Author(s) nostraightanswer (arrange), EmpathP (cover, lyrics)
Category Arrangement, Suceeding version
Re: closure
Featuring GUMI English
Author(s) nostraightanswer and EmpathP
Category Remaster


So here we go again with the same excuses and then
You ask me to stay, promise in time you will find your way

But I couldn't compromise with your grand disguise
And so tell me, was I lovely, or was I ugly in your eyes?

Although I’d like some closure
I can’t seem to find
A magic cure to get you off of my mind

So here we go again to the story’s end
I've got better things to do then play at make believe with you

When I’m leaving you behind the only trace you’ll find of me
Is back at the start, the pieces left from my broken heart

All we had
In the blink of an eye
Has broken up
So say goodbye
Say goodbye

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