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Uploaded November 27, 2011, with 5,400+ views
Megurine Luka
apol (music, lyrics)
Kenta (illustration)
YouTube Broadcast

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so there was this trend on Twitter, where people changed their pictures to collarbones picture. and it is so trending ide. anyway, lyrics, video and illustrations are done by Kenta *A*!! and those collarbones pictures are from friends hnghh~
— Author's comment

"Collarbones" is an original Megurine Luka song. It is based off of the 2011 Twitter trend where friends would send pictures of each other's collarbones. The trend has since died out.

Lyrics Edit

What's this feeling that I'm seeing
I can see your collarbone
Curver and slanted shadows laden
It must be a collarbone
Can I see it, can I see it
What a perfect collarbone
Can I touch it, can I touch it
Can I touch your collarbone

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