Color Chronicle Series
Series title
"Color Chronicle Series"
Uploaded August 10, 2011
Singer(s): KAITO and MEIKO

Character(s): The Red Princess and The Blue Guardian

maya (music, lyrics)
Kenji Arai (mastering)
yuukiss (additional synthesizer)
Shiina (illust, video)
Mikuriya Wata (video)


The Color Chronicle Series tells a story about two people, a guardian and a "robot" who both love each other, and about how they struggle to protect one another.

The main characters in the series are The Blue Guardian and The Red Princess. The scenes take place in the futuristic Middle East, as hinted in Guardian Blue (brief mentions of "gypsies" and the Arab appearance of both main characters) and Red Reflection (Futurist Ruins and the reconstruction of the princess).

The trilogy starts with Guardian Blue, followed by Red Reflection, uploaded one month afterwards, and ending with the third song: "Color Chronicle," released for MEIKO's birthday.

Note: The name "Color Chronicle Series" is not the official name given by the composer Maya; this series has no "official" name whatsoever.

The TrilogyEdit

Guardian Blue

Uploaded August 10, 2011 Featuring KAITO
Music maya (music), Kenji Arai (mastering) Main article Guardian Blue
Lyrics maya
Video Shiina (illust)
In this song the guardian is assigned as the Princess' protector, both chased in middle of the desert. Decided to protect the Princess from any harm, he swears beat any opponent with his sword and be her shield, no matter if this cost him his life, as his only wish is see her bloom innocently and full of 'glory'.

However, at the end and after uncountable battles the guardian is finally defeated. Incapable to move anymore, he pretended to be 'at peace' just to prevent her from crying. Finally he wishes that his loved one be able to survive.

Red Reflection

Uploaded September 4, 2011 Featuring MEIKO
Music maya (music), Kenji Arai (mastering), yuukiss (additional synthesizer) Main article Red Reflection
Lyrics maya
Video Shiina (illust), Mikuriya Wata (video)
The Princess sings on how as long as she was by the guardian's side, she didn't need anything else. And so her heart aches for being separated from him. He was nice to her, even though she didn't know anything. She knew, in fact, that he risked himself to protect her.

Forever she was alone, but the guardian changed her way of life. So she tried looking for him, and thought it was her turn to protect him. When they meet, she was no longer the 'girl' the guardian had known before. Half of her body was mechanical, and even if she loves him, her cyborg body will make any relationship nearly impossible. She knew this, and just wanted to protect him.

In the end, even with her distorted body, the guardian held her tight and said "I love you" to her. And he too was crying. Though it's a hopeless world, she loves him, forever and ever.

Color Chronicle

Uploaded November 4, 2011 Featuring MEIKO, KAITO (back-up)
Music maya (music), Kenji Arai (mastering) Main article Color Chronicle
Lyrics maya
Video Shiina (illust, video)
After many struggles and tribulations the Princess and the Guardian are finally together. Despite the sorrows in their path, the Princess declares that love gave her the strength to continue; also to the fact that both of their bodies injured.

With the ruined and desert scenery transformed into a Paradise both characters prepare to live a bright future.


The last song to the series, "Color Chronicle", was uploaded in celebration of MEIKO's birthday on November 5, 2011. It was at first, in Maya's album fake or fate? released on August 2011.