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  • "Come With Me"
Uploaded February 4, 2011, with 2,100+ YouTube views


Do you know that, I want you so bad?
Every moment, I think about you makes me so prissy
Oh I wonder, how it feels to be with you
Cause when you touch me, my body feels like its on fire

Do not be shy, to tell me what you want
Cause- there is nothing, that I wouldn't let you do to me
I'm your play-thing, so treat me any way you'd like

I am ready, for whatever you desire

Baby you ready to come?
...Baby you ready to come?

...Baby you ready to come?

Just pull me close and hold me tight~ah
Yeah, are you gonna rise?
It feels so wrong, but feels so right~ah
Ooh ooh ooh ooh...
So please come close and come with me!