MIRIAM is set to be featured in a few tracks on the album Continua by Kellplanet.[1] There are seventeen tracks total.

Album Kellplanet Continua
Track list
1. Sunlight
2. Feel Another World
3. Night Train
4. Blind Waves of Rumour
5. Until the Sunlight
6. The World
7. Sky and Sun
8. OceanSide Ride #1
9. Ocean Dancing
10. A Fate Not Sealed
11. Spring Somnolence
12. Hesitant thought in the form of falling droplets
13. Blue Waces
14. How We Are
15. JustAwake
16. Back Home Again
17. Spring Somnolence Reprise


  1. [1] Engloid Blog - Continua: MIRIAM’s latest Album

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