Song title
"Cosmic Discretization"
Uploaded January 30, 2013, with 700+ views
Phryxia (music, lyrics)
Qinya (illust)
Team Seeunion (composition)
YouTube Broadcast

Background Edit

"Cosmic Discretization" is an original SeeU song. This song was composed for BOF 2012.

Lyrics Edit

Korean (한국어 가사) Romaja (로마자)
약속했던 이뤄진 바람 yaksokhaetdeon irweojin baram Promised wish came true
끊어져가요 하나 둘 kkeunheojyeogayo hana dul but going to disconnect by itself
흩어지는 별들이 슬퍼 heuteojineun byeoldeuri seulpeo Sorrow fill the dispersed stars,
혼자 울어도 조각나 honja ureodo jogakna no matter what you cry
잘못한 게 없는데 jalmothan ge eomnneunde I just take my effort
나는 노력하는데 naneun noryeokhaneunde and I didn't do the wrong things,
조각나버리는 건가요 jogaknabeorineun geongayo It was no use but discretize.

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