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This song is the sequel to the song The thought to tell. This story revolves around a girl and a boy dying and then being reincarnated. The only thing is that the boy had been reincarnated into a girl, causing his lover to not recognize him. Even so, he (she now) wants her to be happy and live a happy life without him.

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Preceding and succeeding versionsEdit

MG Style
Featuring Camui Gackpo, MEIKO
Author(s) shu-tP (arrange), i1150 and Kanae Fujishiro (illust)
Category Remix
Original Tune
Featuring AquesTone
Author(s) kaya (music, lyrics), i1150 (illust)
Category Succeding version
Cradle Of Destiny 2010
Featuring MEIKO
Author(s) Glint Of Sound: kaya (music, lyrics), shu-tP (arrange), i1150 (illust)
Category Succeeding version
-Another Style-
Featuring Ruri
Author(s) Glint Of Sound
Category Succeeding version
Featuring MEIKO
Author(s) Glint Of Sound
Category Arrangement
-White Color-
Featuring MEIKO V3 English
Author(s) Glint of Sound (arrange), Metragoon (english lyrics), Suigetsu (illust)
Category Arrangement


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
街の明かりが 灯り始めて machi no akari ga tomorihajimete
微かに震える 夜を彷徨い歩く kasuka ni furueru yoru o samayoi aruku
懐かしいのは この街並みだけじゃなく natsukashii no wa kono machinami dake ja naku
明日に傾けてた想い ashita ni katamukete'ta omoi

いつかはきっと叶うと itsuka wa kitto kanau to
何にも恐れず 信じてた nanni mo osorezu shinjite'ta
あなたがいる 未来だけが anata ga iru mirai dake ga
わたしのすべてだった watashi no subete datta

融け始めてく 過去の記憶に tokehajimete'ku kako no kioku ni
触れてはこぼれる あの日流した涙 furete wa koboreru ano hi nagashita namida

笑顔に隠した弱さ egao ni kakushita yowasa
知られないように 過ごしてた shirarenai you ni sugoshite'ta
うつむいてた あの日だけは utsumuite'ta ano hi dake wa
今でも火傷のまま ima de mo yakedo no mama

流れてゆく時間の nagarete yuku jikan no
波に揺られて nami ni yurarete
交わした 瞳の kawashita hitomi no
奥に夢を抱いて oku ni yume o idaite

いつまでも続いてゆく itsu made mo tsuzuite yuku
生まれ変わってもまた逢える umarekawatte mo mata aeru
二人がいた 証は今 futari ga ita akashi wa ima
時間のゆりかごの中 jikan no yurikago no naka

Inside a city of lights
As they started twinkling by
I subtly start to tremble
As I walk through the night from place to place
Nostalgia has come again
While I gaze the cityscape for so much more
Feelings that I am sterring towards a tomorrow

Someday I'm sure this dream really will come true
Futhermore I believe there's not anything to fear

In a future where you and I stay together
That is the only thing I want and need

As it starts to melt away the memories of past
I felt an urge touching my heart
On that day I had cried so many tears

Those weakness I kept hidden in a smile
I spent some time making sure they would never I know

Thought on that day I found we kept on going down
Even now it remains a burning wound

Passing by gently with the flow of time
Being thrown around in waves
It's embedded deep in your eyes
In the back of a dream we both embrace

The feelings we share will go on forever
And when we are reborn I am sure we'll meet again

Proof of the love we had coming together now
Resting gently so in a cradle of time

Derivatives Edit

Sasaki's PV
Featuring MEIKO
Author(s) Sasaki
Category PV

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