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  • "Creepy Toast"
Uploaded July 20, 2010, with 6,000+ Niconico views


One of the first and earliest VOCALOID songs by Circus-P (formerly Doofus-P) using V2 Megurine Luka's English voicebank. According the the Nico description the song was done at random.

Featured in the artwork is a piece of toast that looks eerily similar to 'BIG AL'.


Lying all alone
Next to my cell phone
And an ice cream cone
Is a tiny piece of toast

Staring at me
looking angry
Wait just a second hey,
How does that thing have eyes!

Creepy toast
Staring at me.
Creepy toast
What are you plotting now?

As creep closer it gets angrier.
It looks like Big AL
Wait that doesn't rhyme at all.

It stares at me very creepily
wait just a second hey,
Is this thing checking me out?!

Creepy toast
Staring at me.
Creepy toast
Why don't you just go!

"Hey you!"
It cries out to me.
"Why don't you eat me?
I am perfectly tasty
And I'll steal your soul!!" >:U

Creepy toast
Staring at me.
Creepy toast
What are you plotting now?


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