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Song title
"Critical Error"
Uploaded September 9, 2013, with 1,068+ views
J Sime
YouTube Broadcast

Background Edit

I was testing something different :), a robotic song on a different level than Mechanical, so this was the final result '0' hahaha
— Author's comment

Lyrics Edit

I'm walking down a path I don't even know
I'm not sure if I wanna stay or go
I don't even care if I end up nowhere
I am in a state no consequence can scare me

Error in the system
Malfunction (x4)

I'm travelling the road of sins from which I cannot run
I already learned what's been done cannot be undone
The memories from my past, they all seem so bad
I don't know if they are real, but I wish they were never a part of me

Error in the system
Reset it all
Error in the system
Malfunction (x2)
Format my soul

Wouldn't you help me? (x12)

My system is shut down
The system shut down

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