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  • "Critical Values"
Uploaded March 28, 2015 (YT) and April 09, 2015 (NN), with 400+ Niconico views and 10,000+ YouTube views


This is my musical interpretation of a little story draft ctrl made back in the day (which might kinda explain "pwnage inc." thing). Was hella inspired. The song turned out with more dramatic undertones than the initial story which was more cynical buuuut I hope I carried general mood through. Enjoy some corpocratic hell with existential motives.

"Critical values" was the name ctrl gave the song. Previously it was known as "gameboy", "gayboy" and "shameboy". And "onthe". dear god I LOVE working with Maika.

— author's comment
The song is a comeback of DoNotCrossP after eight to nine months in hiatus.


Hello and welcome to the pwnage inc. !
The factory of dreams with no limitation
Crazy as it sounds, our power has no bounds
There's nothing impossible if you're with us

Today's your lucky day ! Who could think
You'll qualify for special participation ?
Powerful and wealthy, your mind and body healthy
With our training limits won't exist for you !

Determination as you're passing through the gate

Now take your weapon, take your chance
and welcome to your brand new fate


On the other side of the screen
You're trying so hard to survive
One more level and you are here
So keep on moving

This one's not like anyone before
How come that he is still alive
Bring in extra boss and here we go
Let's try him one more time

To our surprise he's still going strong
Endurance of this guy deserves recognition
Skepticism aside, this one can put up some fight
Maybe he'll be the one that's gonna get it right

Yet he's refusing to play along
He won't advance, won't combat, he denies nutrition
Lack of motivation ? Momentary frustration ?
Well, we have something that can get him back on tracks

Useless connections ? They will only drag you down
Alas, your mother and your sister couldn't make it through level one


On the other side of the screen
You're clinging to your sanity
So much helpless rage in your scream
You are so precious !

Destroying cameras ? Now that's rude
But we like your audacity
Hey, did anyone send him food ?
He can't just starve to death

Congratulations, you are almost there
And you have everything we need
So at this point it would be fair
To give you a reward

Good old level one ! Yes, again !
Feels quite nostalgic, doesn't it ?
We didn't clean up, so it's the same as
Hey, are you for real ?

On the other side of the screen
You end your pity little life
Oh dear, aren't you a drama queen ?
You almost made it !

This one was not like anyone before
Turned out another wasted try
Clean up all the mess and here we go
Let in another one

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