第二页 (Dì Èr Yè The Second Page) is a compilation album released by CrossOz, featuring works from various producers. The album contains 11 tracks, featuring vocals from YANHE and Luo Tianyi.

When purchasing from the original vendor, the album will come with a booklet filled with art corresponding to each track and a Chibi Luo Tianyi and YANHE bag.

The crossfade can be seen on bilibili.
The album can be bought on taobao.

Released June 01, 2014
Producer Various
Price ¥50.00
Illust. ASK
Label CrossOz
Track list
1. 绘时光
Huì Shíguāng
A叔 feat. Luo Tianyi
2. 叹江湖
Tàn Jiānghú
Qianbi feat. YANHE
3. 雊鹆
Gòu Yù / Starling Bird
PoKer feat. Luo Tianyi
4. 猎魔侦探
Liè Mó Zhēntàn
狼姬 feat. Luo Tianyi
5. 梦里花
Mèng Lǐ Huā
Melo_YC feat. Luo Tianyi
6. 染血舞鞋
Rǎn Xuè Wǔ Xié
Huazhiji-P feat. Luo Tianyi
7. 歪脑筋,好学生
Wāi Nǎojīn, Hào Xuéshēng / Badass Pupils
Tiaonan-P feat. Luo Tianyi, YANHE
8. 星宿计时
Xīngxiù Jìshí / The Stars Counting Time
Sugita Akira feat. Luo Tianyi
9. 怎么爱
Zěnme Ài / How to Love
Qianyimohua-P feat. Luo Tianyi
10. 海湾屠夫
Hǎiwān Túfū / Bay Harbor Butcher
11. 梦想世界
Mèngxiǎng Shìjiè / Dream World
GhostFinal feat. Luo Tianyi
Tianyi first step
Dì Yī Bù (第一步)

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