Dì Yī Bù (第一步; First Step) is an album featuring Luo Tianyi. It consists of twelve original songs and two remixes, Angeloid's Creed and Melody of the Lute.

It was available for purchase on taobao, but is now sold out.

A crossfade of the album could be heard here and here.

Tianyi first step
Released June 11, 2013
Producer Various
Price 50 RMB
Label CrossOz
Track list
Tiaonan-P feat. Luo Tianyi
2. 断裂的心轨
Duànliè de Xīn Guǐ / Broken Path of the Heart
PoKeR feat. Luo Tianyi
3. 月之路
Yuè zhī Lù / Roads to the Moon
Kreisee feat. Luo Tianyi
4. 两人的画像
Liǎng Rén de Huàxiàng / The Painting of Us
A Shu feat. Luo Tianyi
5. 归去来兮
Guī Qù Lái Xī / Come and Go
Sya feat. Luo Tianyi
6. 森林恋曲
Sēnlín Liàn Qū / Love Song of the Forest
Daxing Quan Buneng Qi feat. Luo Tianyi
7. 洛天鱼之歌
Luò Tiānyú zhī Gē / Song of Luo TianFish
Sugita Akira feat. Luo Tianyi
8. 望江湖
Wàng jiānghú / Watch Over JiangHu
Qianbi feat. Luo Tianyi
9. 天空物语
Tiānkōng Wùyǔ / Tale of the Sky
Ryuu feat. Luo Tianyi
10. No Vice
GhostFinal feat. Luo Tianyi
11. 爱神lovesong
Àishén lovesong / Venus's Love Song
Qianyimohua-P feat. Luo Tianyi
12. 未来的味道
Wèilái de Wèidào / Taste of the Future
Melo_YC feat. Luo Tianyi
13. 人造天使的守则
Rénzào Tiānshǐ de Shǒuzé / Angeloid's Creed
GhostFinal feat. Luo Tianyi
14. 丝竹之弦
Sīzhú zhī Xián / Melody of the Lute
PoKeR feat. Luo Tianyi
Dì Èr Yè (第二页)

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