D.A. technology is DATEKEN's second full album and on the same day his 'third' album was released on VOC@LOID MASTER 13 "D.A. technology -remixes-". The album consist of 15 tracks, featuring songs such as "trick art!" and "*tear*".

A crossfade of the album can be heard in Nico Nico Douga, and the album is purchasable in toranoana, iTunes store, HearJapan, and Amazon mp3.

DATEKEN 2nd album
Released 7/19/10
Producer DATEKEN
Price 1,500 yen
Label Karen-T
Track list
Kagamine Rin/Len
2. イマジネイション
Kagamine Rin
3. parallelines
Kagamine Rin/Len
4. Ur-Style
Kagamine Rin
5. *tear*
Kagamine Rin/Len
6. trick art!
Kagamine Rin
7. なまえのないうた
Nameless Song
Kagamine Len
8. Jutenija
Kagamine Rin/Len
9. 紡唄 -つむぎうた-
Spinning Song
Kagamine Rin/Len
10. 愛しのHDD -Mirror Sound Edit.-
My Sweet HDD -Mirror Sound Edit.-
Kagamine Rin
11. DAM DA LA Dancin'
Kagamine Rin
12. Never
Kagamine Rin/Len
13. schwar waltz
Kagamine Len
14. Cardioid
Hatsune Miku
15. 君が生まれた日
Kimi ga Umareta hi
Hatsune Miku
DATEKEN 1st album
DATE tunes
DATEKEN 3rd album
D.A. technology -remixes-

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